Blue Jays winning and fakeology

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It’s hard to wander around the city with a fakeology hat on when the only things on people’s minds is baseball – the winning kind. People like winners and winning because it makes them feel good, and talking about and does not. Sometimes, the explanation for why people won’t engage on the topic is as simple as that.

How can one make discussion make others feel good?

Here’s another one of Robin’s videos that shows what looks to be a 9/11 reference and other occult symbols.

I have no doubt whatsoever that all high level sports entertainment events are scripted and controlled. It’s been years since the Blue Jays have enjoyed post season.

Why embed messages and numerology and subliminals in these bread and circus events? It’s simply because everyone is watching, and media is all about eyeballs and attention.


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1 thought on “Blue Jays winning and fakeology

  1. Blue Moon

    Having been an A’s fan for decades, I thought it exceedingly strange that they would bundle Donaldson, their franchise player, off to Toronto for some prospects and spare parts- Apparently “higher powers” insisted- Baseball isn’t as obvious to out like football et al, but the ritual aspects are clear as day- And I suspect that the reason MLB hasn’t expanded further is that with fewer jobs relative to population growth and new asian player suppliers, these jr. Masons are more desperate to cooperate than ever- Consider the Red Sox- They have a good chance of finishing last for the third year out of the last four, save for the Boston Strong year they won it all- Right…


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