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Super moon pics and ISS humor

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The boys talk about all things up, including moon pics.

Satellite faking discussion at 2:15:00 or so…are uplink satellites just bouncing off the atmosphere? I say yes.

Also interesting is that Jeran looked up that the moon rotates at 2200 mph and the earth rotates at 1100 mph. Aside from the other anomalies pointed out with the eclipse and the shadows appearing from inconsistent directions, it appears that the magic numbers are saying there’s a problem.

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Drunk driving psyop

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This story has psyop hoax written all over it. I suppose now is the time for this important noble lie, as drinking season begins in earnest (Oktoberfest, Xmas) here.

odd finger display for middle sim

One interesting aspect of psyops is they often use wealthy families’ errant offspring (who are likely sims) as perps. Think Osama sim Laden, John Hinkley of the Reagan assassination attempt hoax, Dyllan Millard of the Tim Bosma hoax, to name a few. Is this to shield the hoaxsters from inquiring eyes (forget the media, they’re complicit)? Do these rich families get special dispensation from the power structure they have exploited for wealth? No doubt.

Under a grey sky, parents, students and teachers filed into St. Joachim school Tuesday for the first of two morning masses that offered remembrance and prayer for three children, all under age 10, and their grandfather who died following a three-car collision allegedly caused by a drunk driver Sunday afternoon.Members of the Brampton Catholic school community struggled to come to terms with the loss of Daniel Neville-Lake, 9, and his brother Harry, 5 — both students at St. Joachim — as well as their sister Millie, 2, and grandfather, 65-year-old Gary Neville.

Source: Brampton school reeling after tragic deadly crash | Toronto Star

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