Super moon pics and ISS humor

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The boys talk about all things up, including moon pics.

Satellite faking discussion at 2:15:00 or so…are uplink just bouncing off the atmosphere? I say yes.

Also interesting is that Jeran looked up that the moon rotates at 2200 mph and the earth rotates at 1100 mph. Aside from the other anomalies pointed out with the eclipse and the shadows appearing from inconsistent directions, it appears that the magic are saying there’s a problem.

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1 thought on “Super moon pics and ISS humor

  1. khammad

    It seems more likely, knowing NASA, that all these so called “live” ISS feeds are in reality a made-ahead-movie, as in 9/11.

    It seems very appropriate for the cointelpro agent called Jeranism and friends to suggest that one might be able to ‘catch’ NASA in a mistake on account of the viewing being live. Any artifact one might find in the ‘live’ NASA ISS feed is most likely put there on purpose.


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