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Can you help Wasa?

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My first Nigerian scam email (that made it past my spam filters) starring a 9/11 vicsim!

On Oct 1, 2015, at 5:06 PM, KLM wrote:


Am Wasa Philip (Esq.)personal lawyer to late Mr. Robert Akbari,a contractor with European development company who died months after injuries he sustain in world trade center bombing of 11th sept.2001.

The $5.5 he deposited with one Company here and is about to be confiscated if no next of kin to the fund /showed up, I there consult your consent to present you since you have the surname with him. Please contact me via this email

Thanks and God bless.

Barrister Wasa Philip

Wassup Wasa?

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Lame lotto effort

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The budget for Canadian psyop/hoaxes must have been cut: a bad photoslop job and no story to dig into for the”biggest win ever”.

Well, at least three occult type numbers can be found.

How can anyone be left that consumes media believe this crap?


A group of 12 co-workers stepped forward Thursday to claim the $60-million jackpot from last week’s Lotto Max lottery.

“There was screaming, yelling, people on the table” said Dennis Cartier, who is one of the Canadian Black Book employees to share the prize.

The 12-person group had been participating in group play for the past eight years with little luck. The largest amount they had ever won was $90.

The jackpot was the biggest in Lotto Max history.

Source: Group of 12 co-workers claim $60M Lotto Max jackpot | Toronto Star

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Saudi 9/11 rabbit hole closed

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Sometimes it takes a while to close a rabbit hole. Best to do so when no one is paying attention or could care less.

The Saudis are written into the story since they are a likely target of the gullible public. People are inclined to believe it’s all about oil, so why wouldn’t the Saudi puppets be involved?

If you treat 9/11 as the soap opera that it is, then you will accept this inconsequential storyline closing for the nonsense that it is.

In the aftermath of 9/11, some relatives of the more than 3,000 deceased victims sought billions of dollars in damages from companies, countries ? including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ? and organizations accused of aiding Al-Qaeda and other terror groups in carrying out the hijackings. In 2003, the 9/11 Commission found that there was no evidence that Saudi Arabia helped finance Al-Qaeda.

H/T thereason in chat.fakeologist.com

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