Audiochat-VW media event and Dr. Diesel

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Who?Ab, Psyopticon, Rollo, Lumberjack Greg,


<18:56:48> 0;Rollo”: ab is around for a couple of hours he said
<18:57:03> “Rollo”: jump on the mic
<18:57:52> “Videre”s Phone”: I am at work.  Leaving in a few min
<18:58:00> “Rollo”: ok
<18:58:11> “Videre”s Phone”: I will be able to talk then
<18:59:31> “Rollo”: awesome..its been to long
<19:01:07> “videre”: yes
<19:40:41> “psyopticon”:…
<20:40:34> “psyopticon”:…
<20:44:45> “psyopticon”:


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4 thoughts on “Audiochat-VW media event and Dr. Diesel

  1. Curious


    A very well written article and I tend to agree with the most of it. The freemansonry is used as a vehicle, there is more, especially “Skull and Bones” . There are more dangerous groups see for this: It is a combination of those groups, especially the families who are behind it are running the show.

    PS Do you know Yuri Lina? Under the sign of the Scorpio. You van find him on the internet.

    1. wanda

      LOL… no offense but i am supposed to find out who is doing it by consulting a DOT ORG? I think it is more a tribal thing. There are some people on this earth who are going to have to choose between an insane doctrine of becoming Gods of Earth at the cost of being universally hated. It’s a nature thing… and they are not above it.

      1. Curious

        They consider themselves above everything and they simply don’t care, that they are hated, which they demonstrated for the last couple of hundred years.

  2. wanda

    We think of corporations as the puppet masters of the government… when in fact, they are branches of the government. Other branches include organized religion, the medias – both mainstream and alternate… the police and military, schooling, academia, science, medicine, agriculture, the food supply chain… the list is endless and growing. Nations, borders, towns and cities, etc. are merely corporate land divisions… they do not exist in reality… nature is reality.

    All governments are the same religion… power and control. There is no separation… their purpose is to keep us separated… to keep us from seeing the big picture. If we are unable to connect these dots we are dead in the water.

    How else can you explain why they are all on line with poisoning our air, food, water and environment? We have not heard of any resistance to this agenda from the corporate realm and all of it seems to have been rolled out by agreement and on a schedule. From my perspective, the timing was right around 1986. It was as if a switch was thrown and the a-holes walked in and took over the show… it has all been downhill since then.

    Is it coincidence that all corporate media (television, radio, magazines, newspapers, Hollywood movies, news journalism, novels, etc.) reinforce an appeal to authority, take me to your leader meme? It is widely accepted that an omniscient, benevolent creator commissioned a set of laws… all of which can be broken or misinterpreted… and government as a legitimate power is a given. Monarchy, another form of ruler-ship, infers a divinely ordained right to rule based on blood lineage. Political “leaders” are God fearing and church going. Popes, Rabbis, priests, ministers, evangelicals and those who merely profess faith are deemed morally superior to those who do not. Unbelievers, conversely, are cast in a negative light.

    Uniformity, conformity, and submission to a higher authority is indoctrinated into us via the educational system from Kindergarten through college. Military service is one’s duty… patriotism is exulted… blind obedience is the norm. The fields of medicine and science are thoroughly infiltrated and marching in lock-step… assimilating humanity into this one-world sameness where no one will be allowed to think or behave in any unsanctioned manner. Society at large has been programmed to enforce a group think herd mentality and the individual who expresses an opposing view is seen as an oddball.

    Everything in the world is under the control of Freemasonry. Our world could not have been turned into the sh*thole it currently is without it. If you think about it, it could not have been accomplished any other way. Freemasonry is the recruitment ground for all the a-holes, psychopaths, sycophants and crooks currently occupying all positions of power. Masonic lodges are everywhere… even in the tiniest ditch-water town.

    Freemasonry is a secretive and self-policing, hierarchical slave/slave master system. Masons are sworn to loyalty to the order under punishment of death and are required to tell lies and to even perjure themselves to protect other masons. They are also required to obey orders which they know are immoral. You must conceal all the crimes of your brother masons, except murder and treason, and these only at your own option in the lower ranks… in the higher degrees, that option is closed. Prevaricate (falsify), don’t tell the whole truth, keep secrets, forget important and key points. Most effective is the occult usage of language and symbolism. In a conversation with a freemason, you may think you are in agreement, but the freemason is speaking a different dialectic than you, his intention is far different than yours. A member who falls out of favor with the lodge will have his reputation and ability to make a living destroyed by his fellow brothers. and worse.

    If it ever was a noble protector of hidden knowledge, today it is just an exclusive club for the greedy and ambitious. They hog up all good jobs for themselves and parasite off of decent humanity. All cops belong to a “benevolent” society now, and most firemen, if not all. You can’t even get a job as dog-catcher anymore unless you are a freemason. No one gets to occupy positions of power unless they are fully compliant and complicit. Everything in freemasonry is the opposite of nature. In a conversation with a freemason, you may think you are in agreement, but the freemason is speaking a different dialectic than you, his intention is far different than yours.

    ^^^ If that makes any sense to anyone who happens to read it, feel free to copy and paste it and share to where ever you think it may help… no accreditation is needed… my only dog in this race is a better world, for all the created.

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