4 thoughts on “How media is manufactured

  1. rgos

    “Seems” is the operative word there.

    Automobile industry CEOs being eclipsed in public.
    Reporters confessing in public.
    Airline CEOs having their shirts ripped off their backs in public.

    What theatre piece is this? The Pilgrims of Penance?


  2. khammad

    About Udo Ulfkotte, he has a very interesting history.

    Between 1986 to 1998 Udo lived in the middle east and had converted to Islam. Udo was also an editor, not just a journalist, of a German newspaper. Udo founded a new national political party. Udo is not muslim any more; Christian, athiest, muslim, and now christian again.

    Consider the intended audience for this RT report. Seems to me Udo’s confessions of coercion and all the bad things that happen to a journalist if they don’t comply to the big mean United States government is more along the lines of a threat to journalists everywhere.

  3. xileffilex

    I don’t know Ab, RT is just another purveyor of lies and fake news.
    He’s called Ulfkotte, not Ulfkatte.
    This is very recent: September 23 2015

    Still managing to get his books published however. He’s also identically dressed in the two interviews — or is that trick of the light? – spanning a year, allegedly. Perhaps he’s another Ass-ange.

    1. ab Post author

      I agree that RC is part of the same media we criticize everyday. The method explained for how intelligence agencies feed reporters also seems reasonable.

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