Coldstream audiochat

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Another audiochat-like audio. At 24:00 we hear fakeologist, and at 1:30:00 they talk about the Bernie Madoff (like a bandit) hoax. They don’t like the fakeologist view of and its vicsims but they cover most everything else.


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2 thoughts on “Coldstream audiochat

  1. xileffilex

    Priceless,Ab –

    “…fakeologists ”
    ” yeah yeah yeah”
    “Some of what they say is just oddball ridiculous like they’re claiming even September 11 that nobody died…”
    ” I had personal friends who died you know ..”
    “Yeah I’ll tell you mate”

    yeah, I mean I had people showed up to my apartment covered in white dust asking to use my shower so yeah it was definitely – hahaha – it was definitely some action there”

    I had two personal friends of mine who got killed that day so, I mean, yeah, don’t tell me nobody died…people yeah, people died….”

    Repeats the two friends story later. Nobody else is curious. Go figure.



    Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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