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13 thoughts on “Audiochat-Ab,Tom,Typo

  1. Clueseau

    I love that it has highlighted other topics of possible relevance, such as airplane routes, travel to/the history of/and truth about Antarctica, decades of NASA propaganda, satellites, land surveying, underwater navigation, myths and legends, the Freemasons, potential hidden land masses only the elite are aware of, submarines, the moon, gravity, eclipses, astrology, GPS, to name just a few.

    I’d say you have identified the main purpose of the Flat Earth: to socially re-engineer the fakery-busting community, giving us endless rabbit holes to run down, none of which worry the Powers That Be.

    The internet was enabling truly independent “conspiracy theory” research which was hammering on a short list of topics and doing real damage to the credibility of the media and other sources of the “official” versions of history and current events. For a few years every media hoax they set up, we knocked down. The Powers That Be decided to flip the script and use our own tendencies against us.

    This new Flat Earth genre of topics we’ve been burdened with is their answer. Now we busy ourselves with endless, mostly uninformed, speculation about geography, rocketry, buoyancy, etc., and have that much less time and energy to address their high priority political projects.

    1. simonshack

      Dear Clueseau,
      You wrote:

      “I’d say you have identified the main purpose of the Flat Earth: to socially re-engineer the fakery-busting community, giving us endless rabbit holes to run down, none of which worry the Powers That Be.”

      My warmest congrats for that absolutely perfect sentence. It sums it all up!

      What a breath of fresh air – respect !

      Perhaps there’s intelligent life on Earth, after all?


  2. fsrdone

    another nail in the curve calculation


    They mentioned repeaters but even then, with a total distance of atleast 35 miles, this would have serious problems in implementing based on the curve equation. But this seems to be working just fine

  3. fsrdone

    there are so many flat earth vids on youtube its getting ridiculous, and all these new entrants who have a meteoric rise coming from nowhere to leading a movement. The only thing i know is when i was on top of the landmark tower thing on the top of bear mountain scenic overlook, i could see NYC clearly and that should not happen with the 8inch logarithmic equation of drop per mile since it was around 49 miles away. this does not mean that the earth is flat, but disproves that the curve equation cannot be observed in reality. I think learning logic and how to setup a premise and what a true and valid premise is one of the most important thing an individual can learn. I took it in college and it was a challenging course, too bad i didn’t pay that much attention, only now do i realize that we should use logic daily in our lives to understand everything around us. Alot of emphasis is paid to logical fallacies, but the core of logic is to understand and be able to setup a valid and true premise, and once you know how to do that you can then breakdown and analyze anything you read , hear,or see based on whether the premise is sound. Just remember all the leaders are created and given to us, it has always been this way. Like this website since it follows more of a discussion format, than just here is the news absorb and regurgitate. Especially like the sugar video posted on more ab. It was so obvious about glucose and fructose, one is metabolized by all cells in the body and even single celled organisms, other is only in the liver. I will be switching to brown rice syrup for sugar since rice is mostly completely glucose. Previously was using black strap mollasses.

    1. Master of None


      Thank you so much for your post.

      I agree that we could all benefit from a more structured approach. It seems that so many people are bringing up specific details that argue for one side or the other, without framing the question properly, building a foundational knowledge, identifying specific questions and working thru the problem. It’s very scattered, leaving a lot of gaps.

      If I am ever to arrive at a conclusion about the Earth, it will be because I have temporarily tuned out the cacophony of voices and worked the problem myself. I truly appreciate everyone who has contributed their two cents, and I will take it into account, however I have responsibility to myself to do my own thinking and know how I got there.

      I am most frustrated by two things regarding “The Flat Earth” issue.

      First, that it has been conveniently cast as a simple, dichotomous, “flat Earth vs. ball/sphere controversy”. Two sides. Two options. You are either for the ball… or against it.

      Where have I heard that “logic” before? Oh, yes. George W. Bush, regarding terrorists. Political party affiliation. Abortion. Religion.

      Even though nothing is our world is as simple as choice A or choice B, we are constantly thrust into having to see the problem that way, because we are always and only given a false choice.

      Not an opportunity to really examine the issue, see nuances and customize different solutions for different people, in different life circumstances- let alone, act upon our own assessment.

      I think one reason people are so vulnerable to just choosing a side, is they learned from an early age, why bother looking deeper at something, only to not have any opportunity to apply what you have learned? Might as well just pick whatever and move on to the things I do have control over, i.e. what I watch on TV, what I eat, what I drive, etc.

      Back to the Earth. Flat or spherical. How could I know? I am your typical “citizen”, with a job, responsibilities, limited time and I’ve been fed garbage my whole life. The fact I have made it to any resources that question the status quo, about anything, is a damn miracle. I have been creating, from scratch, in my “spare” time, what I believe to be, the truth about this life and it’s slow going.

      Which brings me to point number two.

      I get the feeling from some people, that deciding from these two options is somehow a time-sensitive issue.

      The shape of the Earth has been in question and debated for quite some time. I will not simply choose from the two options given. I will observe, question and allow the problem to percolate, until I feel satisfied with my assessment.

      For those of you who are adamant you know the true size and shape of the Earth, good for you. You might very well be correct. I am not there yet. I don’t know when I will be. It will take me as long as it takes. And I will not be rushed or shamed into deciding.

      One of my favorite quotes, Ab has posted is, “A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.” Benjamin Franklin Have you ever successfully strong-armed anyone into adopting your opinion about something? I haven’t.

      In closing, here is what I LOVE about this topic. I love that it has highlighted other topics of possible relevance, such as airplane routes, travel to/the history of/and truth about Antarctica, decades of NASA propaganda, satellites, land surveying, underwater navigation, myths and legends, the Freemasons, potential hidden land masses only the elite are aware of, submarines, the moon, gravity, eclipses, astrology, GPS, to name just a few.

      I am not saying any of these are true, fully vetted, proven, etc., simply mentioning some of the peripheral topics that come up when trying to better understand the truth about the Earth and how this world really operates.

      The whole collection of shills, liars, the misinformed and the truly knowledgeable, talking about the Earth, can all, even unknowingly, provide pieces of the puzzle, which is why I love that Ab posts such a variety of things.

      You never know what kernel will lead to some incredible breakthrough in understanding- this or something else entirely. And maybe that’s why this topic is being discouraged- because it will inevitably expose something else even more problematic for the elite.

      In summary. I don’t know the shape of the Earth (and have alot of other yet-to-be-answered questions) and I’m ok with that.

      1. ab Post author

        Another lovely, thoughtful post MON. Thanks for your kudos, and thanks to all for indulging me on my ball earth skeptic interest. MON, your views and goals closely mirror mine in this inquiry.

  4. xileffilex

    Great knockabout humour around the preposterous Turing “death” by Cyanide. What a lark.
    His executor only died last year – psy-op upon psy-op, burglaries, forbidden fruit… Can we believe anything?
    Effects £5603 5s 4d…

    Have a laugh here at the reporting of the inquest

    Mrs Eliza Clayton, Mount Pleasant, Lacey Green, Wilmslow, a daily housekeeper…found Dr Turing lying dead on his bed, the clothes were pulled up to his face and there was froth over his mouth

    Sergeant [Leonard] Cottrell said that Dr Turning was lying on the bed wth the clothes pulled towards his chest. There was a frothy liquid about the mouth, with a feint smell of bitter almonds. On a table at the side of the bed was a half an apple from which several bites had been taken.

    Dr Bird added he it probable the apple was to take away the taste

    [of cyanide….]

    What would you use to take away the taste?
    [Quoted from the Wilmslow and Alderley Advertiser]…

    The whole Turing story is BS At least we can laugh about it even though we’ll never know the truth. But a Turing Industry has certainly been created.

    This is worth reading, written from papers in the Turning Archive at Kings College

    Turing’s friends were baffled by his death…

    Perhaps they weren’t in on the psy-op? Perhaps Mrs C was an agent?…

    Great show, Tom & Typo. The Kelly parallel is a good one. Back to my electrolysis of cyanide in the guest bedroom….

    1. ab Post author

      Yes I am listening now… Great breakdown. Snow White was his favourite Disney movie so he reenacted the apple scene?

    2. psyopticon

      Yes, echoing Felix and Ab, this was a great audiochat about Alan Turing, explored with welcome humour by Tom and Typo.

      A brief search of the newspapers of the time suggests Turing really wasn’t very famous during his day, despite his OBE, and his virtually undisputed genius.

      His real fame came only posthumously with much later vaunting of his supposedly “ground-breaking” research in computer science. A genius underscored through even later revelations of his expertise in cryptanalysis; working on classified projects at Bletchley Park during WWII, secretly helping to secure victory for the Allies, or so we’re told.

      Quite a personal history, but at the time of his apparent death in 1956, Turing was afforded just the briefest (anonymous) obituary in the Manchester Guardian, the main newspaper of the city he had called home for many years.

      That lack of material published in Turing’s lifetime should raises eyebrows on its own. A reference to this paucity of material is made in Alan Turing Decoded, the book linked above by Felix; a book authored by Turing’s apparent nephew, Sir Dermot Turing.

      It seems that in all of seven years, Turing wrote just twice to his widowed mother in Guildford. And yet neither of those letters was personal in nature; the second of the two letters was even typewritten rather than handwritten!


      Sir Dermot Turing writes:
      “There is little in the record to indicate the actual relationship between Alan and his mother after Julius Turing’s death in 1947. Only two letters to Mother for this seven-year period were preserved. One is a typewritten letter (surely Sara [his Mother] would have disapproved of him using a typewriter; Alan’s handwriting was no excuse for that kind of social lapse) of January 1952, in which Alan barely veils his exasperation with Mother’s plans following a generous bequest when Aunt Sibyl had died. The other is from January 1954, about whether a Minister of Supply document left by Alan at Mother’s house was secret. There is nothing of a remotely private nature. It remain unknown to what extent Sara may have selected what should go into the archive.”

      It seems Turing scarcely left any permanent footprints during his day. Presumably conscious of his lack of correspondence, or perhaps intelligence-gathering in the process of writing a back-story for her son, his mother Sara made a personal plea after his death. Appealing through the Manchester Guardian for any letters sent by Alan, and for anecdotes from his friends and associates, for inclusion in a biography she (or a ghost-writer) was apparently penning on him:

      Yet Turing’s alleged brush with the law in 1952, over his apparent homosexuality, didn’t even make the Guardian, nor The Times (London). There seem to be no press reports at all about the case. Though perhaps that was because it wasn’t a particularly rare or notorious offence even then. Some 700 gay men were convicted of “gross indecency” in Britain the same year. However, Dr Alan Turing OBE was supposedly famous, particularly in academia. And the story of how the police purportedly learned of his sexual behaviour – through his report of a burglary by an associate of his lover – was odd in itself. So you’d think all of those factors should have piqued the curiosity of the press into running the story of his trial, his subsequent conviction and his inhuman punishment just for being gay. But for some reason they didn’t report anything at all.

      We could speculate that his gay lifestyle, like much else of the man, was a later invention. Portraying him as a victim of oppressive laws of his day; laws which possibly cost him his life. Was that homosexuality only belatedly written into his personal narrative? To serve as a real-life example and an emotional catalyst for effecting social change and ultimately the liberation of Britain’s laws on homosexuality?

      Yet his sexuality and the brutal way it saw him suffer in court are referenced nowhere in the obituaries written about him at the time. Nor in any of the contemporary reports of his inquest. Yet surely his homosexuality, and the suffering he endured because of it, were major psychological factors that should have been considered when determining why he took his life, if indeed he did. Curiouser and curiouser.

      1. khammad

        Gentlemen, a very entertaining listen! Kinda like a variety show, I see Typoerror as Sunny. Tom, you have the better voice so you can be Cher.

        Seems like there is another Alan Turing story under the layers.

        Consider my speculations: Alan Turing always wanted to become a female. Finally, after much professional success he felt it was time, and perhaps, Alan already had made a deal with the military using his cooperation as leverage. Alan was injected with a series of female hormones shots in order to grow breasts. Once he was all done with the sex change or maybe just the breasts, MI5 staged his death so that he could live the rest of his days as a woman. Plausible?


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