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  1. fsrdone

    i hope someone does an analyses of The Martian. It is uncanny all the plots and subplots and how the media works, optics, and all that we discuss on fakeologist is addressed in the movie. They even involve China’s space program, JPL. The best quotes are about science. Matt Damon says : “I’m going to have to science the shit out of this”.

    Movie has a scene where they mention specifically that they haven’t launched straight up since apollo 9, i believe i saw a post earlier how the rockets go completely horizontal and then start to dip, yet they display on the TV screen that the rocket is gaining altitude. There are so many points in the movie taken directly from fakelogist discussion posts. They even hang a lanturn on the whole vertical flight of the 2nd rocket. The propaganda is so unbelievable, and as usual they always have the slingshot bought up which is typical of all scifi movies and tv shows. Also many scenes include the number 33. This movie is combo of gravity and apollo 13, the houston we have a problem movie. They even brought up the whole potty vacuum suction thing.

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