‘clock-boy’ and 9/11

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When it comes to , the agencies involved like to economize on the actors or real people it uses to propagate their myths. Here’s another fine example of at least 3 hoax stories, including , rolled into one. He’s either a willing dupe or a controlled operative, with the result being the same impression.

When 14-year-old Ahmed “clock-boy” Mohamed meets with President , perhaps they should take time to discuss his father’s 9/11 conspiracy theories. Mohammed Elhassan Mohammed, 50, who attempted to become the president of Sudan twice while living in the U.S., runs the Arabic-language National Reform Party Facebook […]

Source: Muslim ‘clock-boy’ dad pushes 9/11 conspiracy theories

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1 thought on “‘clock-boy’ and 9/11

  1. fsrdone

    what really funny about this psyop is the sons name ahmed mohammed, which is equivalent to saying mohammed mohammed, since ahmed is used as a short form of mohammed. I know his fathers name is mohmmaed so that could be the middle name but usually you have bin (son of). Maybe its a cultural thing because all muslims are different based on their culture in this case he is Sudanese which is African, might differ from other muslims in South asia or middle east, but i found that his name was funny. Because Mohammed is the most popular name and ahmed is second most popular, it is so popular that usually you have a second middle name to address the person since so many people have mohammed as there first name. So some can me named Mohammed Khalid Tallal, and just be called Khalid by his parents and friends and so the original name becomes almost a honorific placeholder. This happens with last names as well, sometimes people have 5 separate names including double last names (Abdul Rahman which is quite common), it can become quite complex. Its funny because people think double barreled names are an oddity.

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