Conspiracy steretypes

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This very popular youtube site lays out the consensus view of all that we talk about here in a slick, consumable form.

It’s since been added to with wackier ‘spiracies that you may find on their channel.

No sign of : perhaps a new video is coming.

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3 thoughts on “Conspiracy steretypes

  1. Carole Thomas

    Looks like topics such as conspiracy, forgeries and the like were much more in public discourse pre- 19th century than they are now. What topics were being covered in print in those days that are being ignored today?

  2. Clueseau

    Fakery busting comes in two varieties, real and fake. So a question the diligent fakeologist always asks is: Who’s zoomin’ who?

    Beware, lest the very fakers we’re investigating add their whack fakeology to the mixing bowl and fake your cake.

    Well, I’m pulling in my driveway now, so that’s all the time I have for this comment.

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