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Assisted suicide psyOp hoax

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Update: Alison doesn’t want to do an interview; she’s upset that I analyzed her Xmas card photo and labeled it fake before I mentioned anything about the photos and videos of Brittany. I always take promoted media as fake to start, it’s the less promoted web sites and media that I tend to dig into and question.

Brittany Maynard, Death with Dignity, terminally ill, brain cancer

Interesting story for fakeologists tired of the flat earth: dig your teeth into this highly promoted story of the past year.

Brittany Maynard, My Undead Niece – In October 2014, a story flooded media outlets everywhere around the world about the tragedy of Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old with an aggressive brain tumor known as a Glioblastoma multiforme, who had decided to commit assisted suicide in Oregon under Oregon’s “Death with Dignity” law.

Source: The Real Colorado: Brittany Maynard, My Undead Niece

This story was promoted to “start a conversation” or “drive a wedge” into the public divide on assisted suicide laws.

Could this lady really be the aunt? Is she controlled opposition? I don’t know, in fact, her family picture she says is real looks (badly) photoshopped.

xmas card

Her blog looks like she’s on the good side, with many memes that we promote here as characteristic of psyOps.

My abiding interest is to expose the criminal cabal which has taken over the bench and bar in Colorado, as well as nationally. As part of this effort, I have located mob plants within the Colorado Supreme Court, and investigated “psy ops,” fictitious tragedies our government stages on an ongoing basis, to control, engender fear, and induce citizen acquiescence in its systematic extirpation of the people’s constitutional rights.

Inspired by this email:

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OO-5: Ohalahan’s 9/11 Observations

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If you miss hearing Ohalahan on audiochat, here’s a good audio he did on 9/11.


My picks for the best broadcasts of the week. Official 911 stories are debunked and video fakery is explored as well as who is really behind the attacks. Learn to make your own soap!

Source: Mami’s Shit: Ohalahan’s Observations podcast 5 – 2013.08.04

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Blue Jays will be written out

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I doubt the Blue Jays will be written into the 111th world series. I agree that all major sporting events are fixed (to occult numbers no less).

Zach breaks down why the Cubs may be given this year’s pennant. If nothing else, baseball is in the entertainment business,  and Chicago is a major market.

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One of the guys

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Canada’s favorite a$$-true-not does space movie reviews. Who better to analyze space fakery?

There’s a list of Hollywood space films about as long as the Canadarm.

And what better man to ask than retired Canuck astronaut Chris Hadfield about the best ones ever made – and one really bad one.

The Martian: “It’s pretty good. I read the book … I was at the premiere in Toronto and met the actors. Matt Damon does a great job. The character he portrays is like an astronaut – he could have been one of the guys in the office. “


Source: Chris Hadfield on space movies: ‘The Martian’ was great, ‘Gravity’ was pure fiction

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