Jay impersonates Chris

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Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? – Live & Recorded Episodes: jaysanalysis.com John and Myself(Chris)

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5 thoughts on “Jay impersonates Chris

  1. khammad

    As I listened to this epic audio, I noticed how Jay and John were tag-teaming Chris with celebrity worship. On nearly every topic, Jay specifically brings the discussion back to the movies and popular media, not just once, but over and over again.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the movies. I go to them. It is an activity in which me and my family participate. I am not sure, though, I can gain much insight about the human condition from the very system who endeavors to propagandize the shit out of me, meaning the movies and popular media, which is not real life. Seems to me Chris is a philosopher of real life and I have found much value in the words of Chris Kendall. Jay on the other hand is a philosopher of fake life, which has little value to me.

    It concerns me how Jay analyzes fakery and psyops. In this audio, Jay relates nearly every experience Chris talks about back to the movies. Where is real life if all these experiences and understandings always lead back to a movie theme, or what a character in a movie said? According to Jay, we can best understand our own experiences by referencing the movies. Because of the often cited celebrity reference, Jay feels like a major gate keeper to me. I could be wrong, but boy, Jay really talks a lot about Hollywood and celebrities and movie themes, as if they have meaning in real life, which they don’t.

    1. Daydream Believer

      Chris and I both concurred that movies are a cultural driver and Chris said that in our culture it would be hard to not talk about movies.I am not sure where we teamed up on Chris. People believe movies are real they are a reinforcement tool if not a full blown blueprint for everyday life. We don’t plan a single thing out ahead of time on our calls. Ask Tim he has had conversations with both Chris and myself and that is exactly how we talk to anyone else. Jay has been kind enough to come on The A. C. and I enjoy his conversation and insight. It’s as unique as any analysis you have done K which I have enjoyed in the past. I have no problem with anything Jay talks about although I don’t agree with anyone on everything.

    2. Clueseau

      Whatever the reality or fakeness of this audio show might be, I like the type of critical thinking you’ve brought to the table here, KHammad. And yes, it’s understood that you’re venturing into speculation somewhat. That’s the art of the exercise.

      Perhaps it’s occurred to you that the concentration of fakery in the so-called alternative media could be even greater than that of the mainstream media. Such a discovery shouldn’t surprise us.

      Are we to forensically micro-scrutinize every datum from the mainstream media for suspected fakery, yet give anything in the guise of alternative media a free pass as if the same villains using the former means to lie to us are somehow unable to use the latter? Of course not, that would be simplistic and naive. The beady-eyed professors and sordid social engineers who hijacked our culture are also famous for manufacturing “countercultures” Frankenstein-style.

      And thanks to Ab for supplying a venue where fakery busting is not only possible, but encouraged.

  2. fsrdone

    It looks like there is a new strategy to tie characters from one pysop to another psyob, the 2 paris train heros are now linked to two other psyops, one is the college shooting in oregon, and now the gay bar stabbing of another character from the paris train psyop being stabbed multiple times. Cant wait till they have a psyop with a vicsim of 911 being front and center in another psyop. Remember there is no long term memory among the goldfish, atleast thats whats claimed


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