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11 thoughts on “Audiochat-KHam

  1. Blue Moon

    A few points about the Jewish/Gentile synthetic dialectic:
    Monotheism was originally an attempt to streamline international trade- Too many local gods gummed up the works- Temples were also banks and currency and exchange had grave theological implications- Remember, this was the ancient world where causality had nothing to do with our modern views-
    The first attempt at monotheism was staged in downtown Egypt and was a disaster- It ended the dynasty of Akhenaten and his son, Tut, and brought the Middle Kingdom to a close-
    The PTB then rebooted the project in a backwater in southern Canaan, known to us today as Judea- The perpetrators on the ground are known to us as Levites- These were foreign emissaries and enforcers who displaced the local polytheism with a vengeful “Creator”- The hits ordered by “The Lord” were orders coming from Egypt, the Hittites, or later, Babylon et al-
    The nationalism came first, followed after the Babylonian exile by the “Chosen People” concept- That coincides with the final conflation of the backfilled histories of the “Hebrews” who return literate and with the Pentateuch in hand- These returnees were the great- grandsons of the original Judean elites that were taken into bondage- The Judean farmers remained in place to serve Babylonian profits-
    Judea/The Jews have never really been independent- They were a creation of ancient elites to set a permanent divide between Jew and Gentile (anyone not Jewish)- This false dichotomy has allowed those behind the curtain to use the Jewish people as a weapon, even as the victimhood was finally affixed, holding fast after Hadrian outlawed the religion, thus requiring the PTB to keep the flame lit under a reconstituted version known as Rabbinical Judaism-
    Today we have the world’s largest Jewish ghetto, known as Israel, created and funded by the western elites and surrounded by Muslims, also funded by western elites- In the fullness of time, monotheism did win out with the slow advance of Christianity- That religion was also backstory landfill that did not replace Judaism, but conflated into the version we have today only in the 9th century, AD with the founding of the Holy Roman Empire- But that’s another topic…
    Addendum: Forced migration and population displacement is standard operating procedure even today as we see immigration changing whole cultures- This is a broad generalization but immigrants likely support the government in power in their new land- Because of this, people who are settled feel they have rights that the elites do not want to recognize and so displacement is engineered, through famine, war, economic collapses, etc. The history of the Judean region and Israel in the north is all about this kind of forced displacement and extinguishing of local traditions and cultures to serve elitist interests-

    1. ab Post author

      In other words, the rich elites always win in the end with their divide and conquer population manipulation.

    2. Black Dog

      Thanks for the info (Blue Moon)

      “Judea/The Jews have never really been independent- They were a creation of ancient elites to set a permanent divide between Jew and Gentile (anyone not Jewish)- This false dichotomy has allowed those behind the curtain to use the Jewish people as a weapon …”

      “…Forced migration and population displacement is standard operating procedure even today as we see immigration changing whole cultures- This is a broad generalization but immigrants likely support the government in power in their new land…”

      Sounds about right … ‘divide and conqueror’. People need to dig deep into their so called beliefs! — But then are they willing to cut ties if they are so deeply ingrained and dependent on such networks? Are people too weak to do the right thing? — I’d say. Look around, nothing but countless examples of people doing the wrong thing because they have to ‘pay the bills’ or they so love their luxurious lifestyles. Would the billionaire reduce his status to living paycheck to paycheck?

      Things are so screwed up — and I’d say their best weapon has been the monetary system, no doubt largely orchestrated by their ‘accomplices’, which It seems have ‘beliefs’ that don’t have a problem with it. Too bad the Christian beliefs weren’t a lot more updated and savvy to all this. No, instead of evolving and updating, Christians are devolving into mindless buffoons — in the past they stood against things, were never as complacent as they are now — or so easily manipulated — They were aware of the evils of such things as usury. I do not defend Christianity — but it is a force to be reckoned with — and if they could just get some good leadership and quit being so bogged down with fundamentalism and fundamentalists – trying to interpret, or misinterpreting, the letter of the law while missing the whole message.

  2. khammad


    Babies were dying in Iraq way before 9/11. Sanctions formally began in 1990 imposed by the U.S. for some political reason. I have several friends who are from Iraq, different areas, and their accounts of life during the Sanctions are about the same. The Sanctions only blocked a couple of ports. Inland routes were still functioning for bringing in goods to Iraq. The problem wasn’t only the lack of supplies/necessities, it was also that the price of existing supplies tripled/quadrupled. Only the rich could afford healthy food, most medicines and other supplies The poor suffered greatly during the blockade, and yes, many children died. My friends had many loved ones who died during the Sanctions. Way before 9/11.

    Were the jews behind these sanctions?

    I have also learned from my Iraqi friends, that during both Operations Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm, the lack of food and supplies got even worse. I have heard no stories of people dying from gunfire or bombs or other such stuff as one might expect in a war zone. All the stories I have heard are people dying from lack of diabetes medicine, and stuff like that. During the wars, the middle and poor classes mostly ate rice and maybe some vegetables. Hot cooking oil was poured on the rice to increase calories in the absence of meat. Poor nutrition also played a part in the health of the weakest members of society as they were the first ones to fall sick and die.

    I have to think clearly as I write this post because in my head I see news segments from CNN of scenes from Iraq which I must filter out. The account of life in Iraq from my friends is the only news I trust.

    What really was going on in Iraq? Who the heck knows. We were not there. When my Iraqi friends did tell me reports of gun fighting it was always near an oil pipeline, up north, near Kirkuk.

    This website catalogs attacks on the Iraqi pipeline from 2003-2008. These attacks were quite frequent, ranging from once a day to once a week, but continuous or the 5 year watch of the website. I wonder what the attacks were like in 1990, when the sanctions started?

    Iraq Pipeline Watch…

    1. wanda

      You have been attacking some very credible, intelligent individuals whom, in my opinion, have a high degree of integrity and credibility and you have been given a pass on having to back up your claims with anything remotely credible. Perhaps it is time to put you under the microscope. You can dish it out… can you take it? FYI: This is what a proper debunking looks like:…

        1. simonshack

          Looks like you posted that very same line (1 minute earlier) over on another topic, Ab:


          Please tell us what you think is wrong with that – if anything, of course.

          To Wanda:

          Wanda, so you are now actually boasting around this site about your supposed “debunking” of my USHUAIA-ALERT point? I can only hope you realize what fool you made of yourself with that one. And yes, I’m also hoping to see your due retraction of your silly accusations (of “strawmanship”) against yours truly. And no, I don’t think this request of mine is asking too much of your time.

    2. fsrdone

      the gulf war 1 didnt just cause shortages in Iraq, but actually the entire gulf including Saudi arabia and UAE, i dont know how things are now, but everything had to be imported into UAE, all fruits and vegetables, dairy meat, clothes, everything has to come fro outside, cause its hard to grow anything in the desert. The gulf war 1 was very disruptive, i remember shortages in UAE in 1990

  3. Black Dog

    thank you wanda–my thoughts the same. The thing is, all the fake talk but NEVER what the frikin end game might be–or IS. And hardly ever WHO. I just wrote a whole post on this in the [very dead] forums.…
    BTW People confuse race with organizations. I don’t believe a race is inherently bad but current religions and many organizations are suspect. One or the other, all the same? Maybe like the secret cabal in Dethklok, where a member from each has a seat there. Hard to believe it could just be just one group with all the power.

  4. wanda

    Ohalahan’s podcast was from 2013… and it isn’t hate if it is true… and it is true.

    What do you mean no one died on 9-11? What do you call the deaths of over 500,000 children in Iraq? These are an innocent people that did nothing to us… i find your attitude rather more insidious and hateful.

    1. khammad


      “Ohalahan’s podcast was from 2013”

      People can change their opinions significantly in just a couple of years. Let’s hope Ohalahan has.


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