Weiss Walks Out

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David Weiss,  who was labeled a shill for saying he knew someone who died on ,  and is a big Joody Wood fan, walked off his own show.

The discussion is too much for at least one of his cohorts.

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4 thoughts on “Weiss Walks Out

  1. khammad

    Wow, again, wow. What an interesting talk show where men laugh like monkeys for no apparent reason and where these very same men talk as morons one moment and wax philosophical the next.

    If you take the view before you listen to this audio that it is a scripted cointelpro prepared audio designed to make Fakeologists feel stupid for believing in our opinions, then you may hear it in a whole new way. Consider that David Weiss is taking the role of “Fakeologist” and the other Andy Dick sounding guy is taking the role of “True Awake People”. Consider that this script is written to demonstrate the triumph of True Awake People over the Fakeologist.

    David keeps throwing in fakeologist-type awareness subjects and getting intellectually slapped down in public, yet David continues. I don’t want David on my side.

    Wow, such a staged audio, such staged laughing, such staged anger. Is it a duck yet?

      1. khammad

        Mike Cannon is the young man who sounds like Andy Dick in the rabbit hole audio. Here he is in a video attempting to be humorous in 2011.

        Internashonal Sinsation Mike Cannon Audishun Reel Wurld/Rode Rules Challinge!!!!!11

        Here’s another video where Mike Cannon is the private entertainment for some 8th graders junior prom after party about 5 years ago.

        Mike Cannon – Junior Prom Show NYC

        And most recently as of September 2015, still in the comedy clubs, Mike Cannon did a roast.

        RoastMasters 9.22.15: Mike Cannon vs. Alexis Guerreros

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