Canola kills some Botts

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The strangest part of this story is the tearjerker press conference put on by the police. We’ve watched lots of fake grief, but from a police officer media person who presumably would deal with death and violence all the time?

The family of three young sisters who were tragically smothered in canola seed near Withrow, Alta., says the girls ‘died living life on the farm.’

Source: ‘Our kids died living life on the farm’: 3 sisters dead in Alta. tragedy

Other oddities:

  • the name 0;Bott”,
  • the 3, 13, and 2 x 11,
  • plus just the general premise of a family (at dinner time) allowing their children to play in and around a truck loading grain? Are we saying farmers are stupid and allow safety to be ignored on a macro level?
  • Is facebook the new source for ALL photos? How is it possible that all victims of promoted media stories are found on social media? Is this realisitic? I make a point of my family’s images not being twittered away. Do you?
  • is the photo proportional? The truck looks a bit too big compared to the family

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1 thought on “Canola kills some Botts

  1. xileffilex

    “somehow” “performed CPR” “respect our privacy”
    Boringly predictable.
    Next hoax please!

    Standard to put lots of family photos on twitter and facebook prior to these fake events for our news media to find. Clever media, obedient media.

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