4 thoughts on “Meet your strawman

  1. delcroix

    thank’s ab for the thought ,
    freeman on the land is just like rense and alan W etc

    it’s their strawman , i just don’t contract with ’em
    all the rest is just a continuation of the “i am i ” cult
    it’s a sad time for me at the moment but i will give my take on this whole soap opera which
    HAS tried to STEER Fakeologist.com under the FLAG of conformity ,
    Keep doing what you’re doing ab

  2. Zalian

    I have always had difficulty with this information.

    If its true, its frightening, but what can you do in modern society if do like the “freeman” movement or Kate of gaia people and just renounce society all togheter ? (seems like most of them rely on funding from talk radio :P)

    If this really is true, we need to put our heads togheter and come up with a solution that works that isnt social suicide (the masses will never renounce theire legal name in a million years, not going to happen).

    And if it isnt true we need to debunk it.

    This is just my 2 cents though, I leave the floor to you guys. You are most likely smarter than me, concerning all this legaleeze (legal squeeze ? )


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