Audiochat-Tom Dalpra gets his Mojo risin’

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37 thoughts on “Audiochat-Tom Dalpra gets his Mojo risin’

  1. Black Dog

    My opening quote was not intended to give the impression it was Mojo’s words or sentiment … not really sure how that got lost in translation or how I could have written it any better … not to mention I CAN NOT EDIT ANYTHING ON THIS SITE once I post it – that’s it. Writing of course is limited and easily lost in translation leading to a lot of misunderstandings. I’m sure everyone has had these experiences or witnessed them. This is what we are reduced to here. Person to person would be very different.

    And yes, it was meant to be psuedo intellectual ‘out there’ or even ‘nonsensical’. But there ‘is’ much we don’t know (in case anyone doesn’t realize that!). So I remain objective, which is why I followed it with “What part of that is true or not … I’m not really sure.”

    To me life is art or should be more so, and my writing may often blend in to the abstract. Many ancient cultures had no such diversions as art because they were art. They embodied art. They weren’t so supressed as many of us are these days (except Mojo, of course) … To only let off steam on a given night (or every night for some people), relying on alcohol (or pharmaceuticals) and others ‘art’ to release all their repressed feelings … We are all so lacking and so ready to explode. We must focus and not devolve into virtual (or literal) obliteration.

    We must realize we are all carrying so much indoctrinated and psychologically damaging, deeply imbedded baggage(2) inside of us … from years and years of this thing we are all experiencing. We’ve got built in reactions from all the other times we’ve had ‘differences’ with people, and we keep repeating the same cycles over and over again. We really are close to madness and we need to help each other and reach deep inside and figure this out.

    2. preconceived ideas: ideas, beliefs, or practices retained from somebody’s previous life experiences, especially insofar as they affect a new situation in which they may be no longer relevant or appropriate (informal)
    emotional baggage
    Encarta ® World English Dictionary

    Here’s a great article: “The Art of Not Being Offended” by Jodi Prinzivalli:…

  2. Black Dog

    “The earth is a flat plane controlled by evil inter-dimensional beings from outer space who occasionally spray their human captives with various poisons to keep them in a perpetual state of servitude. Further, these malicious beings fabricate various illnesses such as A.I.D.s and cancer to keep the population of their minions from becoming too much of a problem.”

    — What part of that is true or not … I’m not really sure. Though I do believe many if not all of our modern illnesses are largely due to our modern, high carbohydrate, diets, as well as such modern habits as alchohol and genetically modified food consumption. Read, Good Calorie, Bad Calorie by Gary Taubes.

    BTW Mojo is raw and says what most only think, I wish her well and do not believe she should be censored, or dismissed as having nothing to bring to this virtual table. I think she brings some very valid arguments although she should distinguish organization from race, or that the focus should not be on stupid but what stupid does.

    Link to the Black Dog (under 2 MB) mix of this audio chat:…

    1. Tom Dalpra

      B’dog said-

      ”BTW Mojo is raw and says what most only think, I wish her well and do not believe she should be censored, ”

      You say she shouldn’t be censored ‘dog, but what you’ve done, it appears, is twist her words . You’ve made two mixes of predominantly her, where she is presented out of context. Also in your comment here, you use quotations in your opening paragraph as if to suggest you were quoting mojo.
      You weren’t. You were putting in your own nonsense about intergalactic beings or something, which she never mentioned.

      Anyway, I’m glad you wish her well, I wasn’t sure for a minute.

      1. Tal Shiar

        You two crack me up! So this women just makes general statements and that is completely ok? How so? Where is the research that she has done to make general statements!

        ”BTW Mojo is raw and says what most only think, I wish her well and do not believe she should be censored, ” ha ha . .

        This is the most insane statement I heard on this comment section! Well, other than babette comments.

        I DO NOT THINK LIKE HER! I don’t blame the Jews or inter-dimensional beings for the problems in the world! She is clearly caught in Layer 2!

        1. ab Post author

          Enough attacking Mojo. She’s a real person who is just reciting what the media wants her to. She was brave enough to come audiochat. How about you?

        2. Tom Dalpra

          Tal said –

          I DO NOT THINK LIKE HER! I don’t blame the Jews or inter-dimensional beings for the problems in the world!

          Ah, careful Tal, now you’re doing it. You’re quoting Black Dog from above. Mojo DID NOT MENTION inter-dimensional beings ( unless I missed something) .

          Whilst I agree with you that her anti-semitism is inappropriate, I think we’ve got more chance of changing her mind if we actually respond to what she has said rather than something someone else made up and suggested she said.

    1. Tal Shiar

      Hey Zalian,

      Thanks for the reply! I don’t know about GCMAF, but I will look into it.

      I do know about Hempoil and I think it is a wonderful thing! Hempoil or rather THC/CBD have amazing health benefits.

      I’m a strong advocate for the legalization of Marijuana, but that is probably because I live in California and I am a millennial. There was a time that marijuana was legal in the United States, but the Hearst family messed that one up. I also think Marijuana shields people from the mass media’s manipulations. So I can see the media trying to protect itself by promoting the outlaw of marijuana. I think because of the internet, people can see that marijuana is actually quite good for you! Plus we can see that alcohol destroys lives, marijuana does not! IMHO

      I’ll throw that back at you! What is your opinion on GCMAF or even hempoil when it comes to cancer research?

      1. Zalian

        Well, all i know about it comes from the internet, hence why i asked you.

        I have seen enough ppl die to chemo though, to realize that it is at best a slow death and at worst a outright scam.

        and nothing would please me more if those things i mentioned worked like advertised

        If you are interested, go on youtube and listen to the GcMAF interview with David Noakes on The higherside chats, pretty sure it will be up your alley, it blew my mind, and i hope its legit.


        1. Tal Shiar

          I can contest to the pain relief of marijuana and how it alleviates stress! My partner has his license here and I think it has really helped. Where are you in the word? I’ve read and heard from some co-workers that they might be legalizing it California in 2016. So we shall see!

          1. Zalian

            Im in Norway and legalization will never happen here, ppl think its the plant of Satan 😛

            That being said, im sceptical to the legalization, it will probably end up just being a way to control it under guise of letting it out, aka only allowing a GMO version or something 😛
            I dont trust these ppl to ever do anything nice, no matter what they say.

            Hope im wrong tho .


        2. Tal Shiar

          I’ve always wanted to go to Norway! That is so cool that you live there! I’m originally from the city of Boston and I too was raised with really negative views of marijuana. IMHO the more people are exposed to it, the more they will all become okay with it!

          I changed my views after seeing how helpful it is for some people!!

          How old are you by the way?

        3. Tal Shiar

          I’m 30! Wow! Its awesome to see another fakeologist close to my age! Its crazy, cause I feel like many of us Millennials are aware of the media fakery! I try not to bring it up with people, because it makes a lot of people uneasy. My partner agrees, but he said that he learned a lot about media fakery in his communications classes.

          What I find really cool is how many random people I meet who bring up the media likes with me. Like my little cousin was visiting last week from the Northeast. She travels the world working for a bank, so she has a real job and is world traveled. While we were hiking she mentioned that one of her “friends” had said that the whole ebola thing was fake and she thought the same thing. She just randomly brought it up! My partner and I both looked at each other and were quite impressed that she was aware.

          Then again, there are a lot of sheep out there!

          1. Zalian

            I have not been so lucky im afraid.

            I do CGI for a living and ive only ever met one person beside me that could see the moon landings were fake, even tho they should all see it easily if the brainwashing wore off.

            That person was not even aware of anything, he just didnt buy the moonlanding (no doubt cause he was in my line of work) , he was fully aboard 9/11 tho 🙁

            Norway is a very cold country so i blame the fact everyone sit inside and watch ungodly ammounts of Tell-LIE-vision all the time 😛


  3. babette

    “This has to stop!” Yes, Shiar! So-called cancer research has been on-going for nearly a century now! That is an overlong period of time to research one lousy illness and IT HAS TO STOP! The HOAX/FRAUD that is Cancer Research MUST STOP!

    As you say, “Not all cancers are treated in the same manor!” (Incidentally, you mean “manner” but, never mind, you’re the ‘oncologist shadower.’)

    The endless and costly “research” by the Cancer Extortion Gang via its nauseating fund raising campaigns has produced numerous exciting ways to handle cancer: Let’s chop chunks out of people’s bodies until we can truly get to the pith and marrow of the problem with heavy doses of radiation and finally finish them off. Now on to the next!

    It’s no surprise you’ve worked for years in oncology research. What lazy, greedy slob would turn down such a well paid, cushy job where persistent failure is rewarded, rather than punished?

    “People who are in cancer research should be executed in gladiatorially (sic) if they’ve made no progress after 2 years. They also have the option of resigning. They can resign before it came to that.

    I just felt there is a tendency for serious activities to be overtaken by bureaucracies and then these bureaucracies proliferate and then they don’t really move forward, they just obtain more funds and they grow out horizontally. They never make a true assault on the problem. So I thought people who are engaged in serious activities should be willing to pay a huge price if they fail.” (Norman Mailer – 1991)

    I entirely agree with Norman on this one.

    1. Tal Shiar

      Hey babette,

      Thanks for the response! It always nice to see that other people have passion about certain topics. While I think it is fine to have passion about this stuff, I think your name calling speaks volumes about where you are as a human being.

      After reading your response, I noticed that you too are making general statements about cancer. PLEASE STOP! I’m actually not seeing a difference with your general statements about cancer and people blaming the Jews for everything!

      Are you an anti-Semite?

      My old professor, Judah Folkman, discovered tumour angiogenesis in the 70’s. Initially he researched was laughed at by the research community because it challenged the established belief. It was years later, after more research, that Folkman’s tumour angiogenesis became the standard understanding on how cancer moves around the body. What you are proposing is that his research should have never happened! Why?

      In my opinion you sound very ignorant about oncology research. Calling people who are researchers, “lazy, greedy slobs” is a general statement and there is no basis for this name calling. Despite what you think you know, research is how we learn about the mechanics of some of these cancers.

      Again, you make another general statement when you write, “IT HAS TO STOP! The HOAX/FRAUD that is Cancer Research MUST STOP!” Does all cancer research have to stop?

      There are a many people who suffer from all types of cancers. Some cancers are rare, while others are common. There are different treatments depending on the type of cancer a patient has. Some people die from getting treatment for cancer, while others do not. Some people deny treatment and end up in remission. While others DO receive treatment and are in remission. Radiation treatment is still an excellent way to treat many cancers. What many researchers are discovering is that radiation with a shorter half-life might be the answer. In a recent study, 9 out 9 people were in remission from advanced brain cancer after using cesium 131 bracket seeds. Again, this is research and new treatments that are coming out.

      I think you have an internal conflict going on here. It might be the result of you believing that we are more advanced than we are letting the public know. I think many people in this community would correct you on this view. As many people don’t believe that we can make it out of our own atmosphere to get into space.

      Best of luck on your journey! Also, please don’t support anti-Semitic statements! It’s quite bigoted! ?

      1. babette

        Yes, it must be stopped UNTIL THEY PRODUCE RESULTS. This field of research has conveniently been left in limbo for decades. Every once in a while a carrot is dangled: Cancer cure on the way! And immediately the carrot disappears. Cancer research is the golden goose! Promise them anything, just get the cash!

        I’ve worked in hospitals (radiology department, pathology department, transcription department, inter alia) for 2 decades and I’ve been privy to what oncologists et al say 95% of the time about cancer treatments. It boils down to this, “He/she is undergoing chemo now. I give him/her another _____ weeks/months to live” and variations on the theme.

        “Again, this is research and new treatments that are coming out.” Wow! It only took 50 years for this new research to come out! What has this research actually accomplished? Can humanity finally trust a cure is on the way? Not on your life! (After all, who knows who will be next, eh?)

        Just think how much more they’ll know in a couple of centuries if we keep feeding the beast! How many will succumb as a result of their taking their sweet, expensive fucking time checking into the “mechanics” of the disease?

        To get those useless, greedy parasites to actually show results we must get a tourniquet on the grotesque sums of money they receive for INCOMPETENCE! It’s comprehensible you would defend your bread & butter, Shlomo. It’s comprehensible, but unforgivable.

        And please don’t tell me who or what to support. Rather, I suggest you go stuff your condescension where the sun don’t shine. Good old Judah/Judas. Figures.

        1. Tal Shiar

          I don’t think you understand the history of medicine! 50 years is not a long time when its comes to research! Also, I am not going to argue with you about pharmaceutical companies and their ethics! I have my own issues with them as well! Especially since the mass media are in bed with many of them!

          In my experience, radiologist don’t really know much. A radiologist degree is equivalent to a associate degree. So you are no DOCTOR!

          Becoming a doctor requires more training than most other jobs. It usually takes at least 11 years to become a doctor: 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, and 3 years working in a hospital. For some specialties, doctors may have to work in a hospital for up to 8 years before they are fully trained.

          So when you want to sit here and just dismiss their training, I think that is ignorant! You only see one side of a much larger puzzle!

          1. babette

            OMG, Shiar, your reading comprehension skills are utterly nonexistent. You are a classic exemplar of the arrogant retards one finds in cancer research.

            No wonder 100 years is an insufficient amount of time for you to come up with even the suggestion of a cure! What a tragedy for humanity!

            I have to admit that reading your last bit sent me into hysterics. Absolutely precious. When did I say I was a radiologist?!

            Ah, you know what? Satis verborum.

        2. Tal Shiar

          You haven’t presented any research or evidence to what you are claiming! Your are not a doctor and I doubt you understand what is going on when you read the doctors notes about a patients case. Please give me examples of how researchers are actually harming the medical field and apparently how doctors are a bunch of frauds?

      2. babette

        “As many people don’t believe that we can make it out of our own atmosphere to get into space.”

        Are you kidding? Do you believe we landed on the moon? If your answer is yes, I shan’t waste any more time on you.

        1. Tal Shiar

          “OMG, babette, your reading comprehension skills are utterly nonexistent.”

          You sound like YOU think that we are VERY ADVANCED as a human species. I on the other hand do not believe we are that advanced as a species!

          Just like people who think we are NOT in space! Many people DO NOT believe we are in space, because they DO NOT think we have the technology to do it yet!

          Happy Back to the Future Day! 🙂

  4. Tom Dalpra

    She’s really wound you up hasn’t she Matt ? The girl who says Concorde flies 60,000 miles high?
    For my part, I did try and make it clear that medicine wasn’t an area of study for me and that I didn’t approve of Mojo’s anti-Jewish comments.

    For the record, she hates hearing herself and thinks she sounds like an idiot.
    I often go in audiochat for some company. Not to broadcast. I get pulled in to live stream. Ab posts ALL of it without even screening it usually.

    I’m sorry we give you a headache. May I recommend not listening to those again.

    You obviously care enough to listen through multiple audios and get motivated to respond.

    If I haven’t addressed Mojo’s anti-semitism in a way you approve of, in the audios, , then I’m sorry. I dunno. It’s audiochat. Anyone can leave an audio. And anyone can comment on any audio posted.
    It’s an open forum. We should be having these conversations.
    Your points are taken on board ( I also read your forum ‘grievance’ ).
    Fair enough.

    Mojo says that she has the name Hepburn and that she’s the ‘Great, Great, Great something of Audrey Hepburn’. The facts are, I believe, that Audrey Hepburn died in 1993 and Hepburn wasn’t her real name.
    Normal people say this sort of stuff down the pub all their lives don’t they?

    My hope is that people don’t take these audios too seriously and will accept that by their nature, sometimes there’s going to be real people on there talking bullshit.

    PS – Say hello to Videre if you see her.

    1. ab Post author

      Tom, I think you handled yourself well in the audio. The Jew psyop is put before us deliberately to create a group that is untouchable. They haven’t always been this way, so who put them there? I think your response is also quite well stated. Tom puts a lot of effort into, Tal (note site spelling), and I appreciate all his time.

    2. psyopticon

      For the record, she hates hearing herself and thinks she sounds like an idiot.

      Au contraire! Mojo’s a born natural for radio. Listeners lapping up her warts-and-all, no nonsense delivery; that raspish Scotch tongue, that cackling from the coven, and those magnificent belches; punctuating long swigs from her tinny of Tennents Super. You’ve signed up a good ‘un there, Ab!

    3. Tal Shiar


      I think you did the best job you could with that women! Her random burping and making comments about Jews is what makes her sound like an “idiot!” I would prefer not to use the word idiot, but you used it! Let just say that she has poor manners and needs to learn how to research! I completely can hear the frustration you are experiencing during your podcast. So I think my response was more to her and not to you! So I apologize if my response seemed directed at you! I think she got you to agree with her general statements a few times and it just bothers me when there is no research into those statements.

      I understand that you don’t think people should take your podcast so seriously! While, I can understand your feelings on that, you are still accountable for the content that you are producing. HIV and AIDS are two separate things. This wasn’t mentioned once, but a general statement about it all being fake was made. That is what is going to upset anyone who is looking to research this stuff!

  5. Tal Shiar

    This has to stop! The ignorance and bigotry just pours out of this women from Scotland! Her general statements and non researched remarks are insulting and should be regulated! Her idea of research is saying, “that her father worked on a boat and he said that the world was flat!” I mean, come on! My parents also said that there was a Santa Claus. We obviously know that Santa is a lie, so please stop! What she is stating is not research, it is just ignorance and bigotry!

    Also, if you are going to talk about cancer and AIDS, please have an ounce of education about human anatomy and physiology! There is a difference between HIV and AIDS, yet these two yahoos blend the two medial conditions into one. Which screams ignorance! Also, as a person that has worked years in oncology research, HIV research, public health and shadowed oncologist and hematologist- These two people just give me an immediate headache! Not all cancers are treated in the same manor! Just a little FYI!

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