2 thoughts on “Negative Numbers

  1. Tom Dalpra

    Mmm, my advice to Zach would be don’t look for trouble.
    It’s like an episode of Judge Judy ” He gave me the V’s, I told him to fuck off”.

    He doesn’t seem to have much evidence for his neighbour having burgled him.
    If he’s making that accusation he should have more than a gut feeling, I’d say.
    Oh and his neighbour got a truck the same as him ( you know, ” a pretty nice truck”).
    That must have hurt. How could the neighbour have done such a dastardly thing ?

    If he is playing mind games with Zach, then it looks like he’s winning, at the moment.

    In the meantime Zach should keep his head down and not look for trouble. Ignore the guy. In this case, ignorance is bliss, perhaps?
    I hope no more trouble comes his way anytime soon.

    Now, it’s 20th Oct .10 20 2015 that’s an 11.
    There’s a wanker across the road from me with a bike exactly the same as mine . I’m locking-up carefully when I go out tonight.

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