Daily Archives: October 26, 2015

Feariccane Patricia brought to you by NASA

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The @Nasa fake agency appears responsible for faking hurricane imagery. Adam and John won’t say it (they claim haarp and satellites are real), but it’s most likely a weather Photoshop plugin responsible for making millions of people move.

Could the media fake a hurricane? Isn’t it too big to fake? What about all those witnesses? They faked 9/11 with the complete control of the military, drills, evacuations, and most of all, all guns of the media faking stories and footage. Yes, Virginia, a big rain storm could easily be escalated by the media into a fake hurricane.

Forget weather machines, HAARP, chemtrails – the media can sell and simulate a storm better than any scary weaponry. We just witnessed it this weekend with feariccane Patricia.

Hurricane simulators


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