Feariccane Patricia brought to you by NASA

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The @ fake agency appears responsible for faking hurricane imagery. Adam and John won’t say it (they claim haarp and are real), but it’s most likely a weather Photoshop plugin responsible for making millions of people move.

Could the media fake a hurricane? Isn’t it too big to fake? What about all those witnesses? They faked with the complete control of the military, drills, evacuations, and most of all, all guns of the media faking stories and footage. Yes, Virginia, a big rain storm could easily be escalated by the media into a fake hurricane.

Forget weather machines, HAARP, chemtrails – the media can sell and simulate a storm better than any scary weaponry. We just witnessed it this weekend with feariccane Patricia.

Hurricane simulators


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6 thoughts on “Feariccane Patricia brought to you by NASA

  1. boethius

    They sure did fake 9/11 right in front of people’s faces. Did you ever wonder why no witnesses come forward to say they saw no planes even though there were no planes? They fake everything and they always have and they know how to implant ideas into the mind so they’re accepted without proof or even against proof.

  2. Bobby Bittman

    The Rothschilds lure the public into a false sense of security with fake hurricanes. Next, they cook up a real killer and send it down the pike. Shite!

    1. Curious


      Exactly on this day 3 years ago they started up with spraying chemtrails. Since januari last year I haven’t seen a normal blue sky anymore. Here they have as on a lot of other places become a horrific reality. I live in the neighbourhood of Eindhoven.

    2. Clueseau

      Hmm, mightn’t chemtrails be something NASA is doing? (Or maybe a level above that organization, since chemtrails are global – anyway, you get the idea.)

      This would be the same NASA that recently served us an absurdly flat DBA.

      See a pattern emerging?


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