Exploding homes

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Is there anything to see here? A few occult numbers, a rubblized house with almost no debris pile (judging by an alleged photo of the scene).

I doubt there will be any follow up to the story, but I am curious what the purpose of such a story could be if it’s totally or partially fabricated.

Insurance fraud? Drug lab destruction?

There have been a few other very odd house stories without much information in the past.

Speculate away!

Police have released the name of a man who died in a home in north Port Hope last week.

The man has been identified as the homeowner, Michael Vanherreweghe, 66, of Port Hope, said Northumberland OPP.

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2 thoughts on “Exploding homes

  1. psyopticon

    This photo (of the deceased?) was found among the smouldering ashes. Very 9/11. Dont suppose anyone recognises him from this?..


    The scorched Stars & Stripes flag flying above the lawn feels very 9/11-ish too..


    And, stretching credulity, a large plank of wood from the exploded house or garage, embedded, so the caption reads, in a nearby tree..


    The house 9742 Lunny Lane, Campbellcroft, ON – plus 100 acres of land including mini golf course, swimming pool &c – was put on the market back in August. When the realtors fortuitously – as it happens – made a sales video.The ubiquitous sales video – a Godsend for insurance claims, if the place should go up in smoke before it sells.


    More photos below, but alas no more info on the mysterious late homeowner Mr Michael Vanherreweghe… For a man of notable wealth, he leaves remarkably little evidence on the internet of his 66 years on earth..



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