Audiochat-Farcevalue, Ab

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2 thoughts on “Audiochat-Farcevalue, Ab

  1. Black Dog

    9/11 just a ‘psyop’ … what’s a psyop? It just irks me how I’ve only noticed one person on FAK, so far, ever connect the dots about 9/11 beyond ‘it was a psyop’ (Babbette). Is there an agenda here? Even ‘admiring’ the 9/11 ‘psyop’ creators in this chat. Practically selling bumber stickers, I <3 Psyops. I guess I set myself up for this; Join a site called Fakeologist then be disappointed that the content is limited to the media faking of events and NEVER anything intellectually beyond that, like why such things are done.

    We all know it was fake! A deception! A psychological operation. Can we get beyond that? To why? For what reason? I don't do phones but I just wonder if I did and began a discussion about why 9/11 was created would it end up on the cutting floor here?

    So, in all the world, these audio chats (this site) only attracts the psyop 'lovers'? 'The lovers of all things psyop'? In and of themselves? Never anything beyond that? … Strange. … This site has been a psyop … so far. — Still listening though (and I do appreciate the sharing of everyone, regardless) and I will still listen to these audio chats, hoping in the din the true, complete, well balanced, Fakeologist arises. The Elvis of conspiracy theoorists. Someone who can put it all together and make a hit! …
    Even our (entertainment) heros (e.g., Elvis) are all manufactured psyops' … ! Which is probably why their earliest material is usually their best. …And where, who, what other heros have there been? I can't even think of any! Thomas Jefferson? … !

    I think JFK attempted hero status (?). Maybe John Lennon was about to 'divulge' something more? Who else? We are so heroless. Oh, Justin Beiber … forgot about him …

    Check out this 9/11 podcast (thread): "Share a 9/11 Podcast you think is Noteworthy!"…

  2. Tal Shiar

    The person in charge of the NASA Twitter account is a women named Susan Bell. A company named JPL is where she works.


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