Fake sun on the horizon

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Chris interviews Neil de gas bag Tyson’s old prof… Now I see where Neil gets some of his nutty ideas.

As we hear from more astrophysicists, I become more convinced that these science fiction experts are more priests than scientists. They spout their fantasies as science but really they’re experts in double speak and convincing you to doubt what you see and accept what you don’t. Now that’s a skill.

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3 thoughts on “Fake sun on the horizon

  1. Clueseau

    That’s correct, a lot of what passes for science is actually part of a coordinated campaign to promote made-up junk science. This type of junk science is promulgated by the old institutions of academia and mainstream media. The internet has of course been a game changer in this regard. With new technology came the need for a new type of coordinated campaign of made-up junk science – the most obvious example at the moment being the flat Earth, which has all the signs of a manufactured antithesis to the old-school rubbish dispensed by the institutionalized priests of science.

    In both categories of junk science from the Powers That Be, we have the same style of pitch: the handwavy double-talk of a carnival charlatan delivered by slick rhetoricians who emphasize show biz over anything resembling scientific reasoning. And both forms of bamboozlement have a significant component of celebrity culture, because they both rely on the persuasive power of gurus to make a sale. All this of course has little to do with actual science, but that shouldn’t surprise us coming from enemies of civilization working to bring on a dark age of backwardness and ignorance in a post-democratic world.

  2. Tom Dalpra

    Chris – Is that what accounts for the Harvest Moons … when you see the Moon and it looks really really big?

    Professor – That is the optical illusion and psychologists have no idea what causes this…no one really knows what causes that and it’s an interesting question…

    Ha! What? So it’s a question of psychology? He’s just explained about optics and how the atmosphere can act like a lens, what is he talking about?
    As far as I knew the common fact that the moon can appear bigger on the horizon was officially explained by the fairly common idea of atmospheric refraction.
    Maybe one of us is confused!

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