Audiochat-Tom,Mojo, Rollo

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Cocktail talk, and some excellent bashing from Rollo where he talks to fake commander Scott Kelly.


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1 thought on “Audiochat-Tom,Mojo, Rollo

  1. Black Dog

    Nice AC, deep, revealing … ‘the after life’, the ridiculous ‘NASA, space vaccination’. Have a nice trip(!) Rollo. Good luck staying away from your ‘electronic devices’ for a month(!).

    The Tom and Mojo Show should be a stand alone podcast for about an hour, separate. Not that it should be more serious … Probably best to just let them wing it as they do, maybe focusing on a few current ‘events’ to rival say CNN – for those utterly fed up with media propaganda! /As well as to add (an alternative) to the already few alternative internet news sources that already exist – The Tom and Mojo show (a balance between serious compassionate ‘hard hitting exposing of (current!) mainstream media BS’ and a cavalier ‘”We’re the Sex Pistols we don’t give a f***”‘ anyway attitude, which they seem to do naturally already!).

    ANyway I’ve got my own ‘artistic’ license here: The (comedic) Black Dog mix, as I see things, Abstract, blurring the lines, all the lines(!). In this comedic act rendition /cut, Tom the more straight fall guy, Mojo the more psuedo intellectual … The surreal Black Dog mix (surely will be offensive to some, esp. Tom, as comedy often is):…

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