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9/11 Memorial Walk

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Canada has 27? vicsims in the 9/11 hoax. I stumbled upon this memorial walk quite accidentally, as there was one small directional sign at the end of an off ramp that tipped me off. Google found the location, which is helpful, as there wasn’t even one more sign on the road leading to the lake where the site is located (that I noticed). There was no parking, and when near the park, there were again no signs leading to this memorial. It was like they didn’t want it found or noticed. If any real people died, then the families should be at least annoyed that such a place is ignored or kept out of the way.

Here are some pictures I snapped. Note the “weeping Norway pine” which reminded me of Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.

I’m not sure if I missed a few posts or I got them all. Many of the plaques looked shoddily made, with shoddy details of what should have been highlighted achievements of real people.

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Slaying another controlled sacred cow

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Naomi Klein gets the Miles Mathis treatment. I just hope MM isn’t a higher level of the same.sleepy

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This is a question I get a lot, especially from female readers. It is a variation of a question I get from many readers male and female, who are looking to keep one or two of their old heroes/heroines. In short, they want to know if anyone will be left standing after I finish outing everyone. The short answer to that is NO, there won’t be anyone famous left. No one who you see on TV or read about in magazines or see at TED talks or see in major films will be left. None of the big dogs of the alternative media will be left, either. And almost no one you have come across on Youtube will be left. They are all plants. A few of the old guys may survive, like Thoreau or, say, Joan of Arc. And a few of the marginal characters on the internet may survive, especially if they aren’t being promoted by any major sources of funding. But the media being what it is, you can now just assume that anyone with a major publisher, a major award, a major grant, or any connection to either political party or the government is a mole. If they were telling the truth or leading you in the right direction, they wouldn’t have any of those things.

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Audiochat-Being Muslim in America after #ParisAttacks #HRDPAR

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KHam gives us a very personal call, describing the difficulties a Muslim in America can have in trying to deflect all the hate programmed into non-Muslims by the Paris Hoax.

This is a real result of a fake event. The real hatred created by the divide and conquer elites that run our intelligence agencies is sickering and can really hurt people. The simulation is to create real problems. I hear people joking about Muslims wearing suicide vests all the time, and am really saddened that it takes a full talk in fakeology to de-program them. What else can I offer to these negatively programmed people?

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Tracking planes and the Cape as a set

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Before fakeology, I always wondered why satellites weren’t being used to track planes in the air. Now I am sure the reason is because satellites do not exist.

So what is this latest agreement about? Perhaps more western money to create digital ground based systems around the lesser travelled parts of the world. They must be expensive, especially since they woild have to be in inaccessible areas around the world or even floating in the vast oceans.

Figuring out how satellites are simulated is yet another puzzle that’s hard to figure out with the clues the media gives us.

A deal has been struck on using satellites to track planes, motivated by the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 last year, BBC News reports.

Mark discusses the satellite fraud around the 50 min mark in this audio.

Speaking of simulations, at the 12 min mark they discuss how Cape Canaveral is really just a giant movie set. The neighbouring town Titusville doesn’t do that well, indicating that few people other than tour guides worked the set. I don’t believe they use the Cape now that NASA is out of the launch business, but maybe it was never busy even back in the shuttle days.

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TTC streetcar shooting hoax – the trial

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We’re having what I think is a simulated trial into a police shooting from a couple of years back. This well known police reporter is doing her best to pretend she’s not in on it – by reporting bizarre simulation events in this simulated trial. It’s a confusing use of language to obscure the fact that the whole event IS a simulation, including the vicsim. The police officer is an actor (even if he really was a cop at any point).

Deception is complicated, and for most people, not worth the contemplation time.

The Death of Sammy Yatim: A Reenactment.The role of Yatim will be played today by Const. James Forcillo.You read that correctly. The officer charged with second-degree murder in the teenager’s shooting death aboard a Toronto streetcar in 2013 — a fusillade of nine bullets discharged, eight of them striking the knife-wielding 18-year-old — both impersonated the victim (suspect) and provided narration for the lethal encounter from his own perspective as triggerman.

In more than three decades of covering courts, I’ve never seen such a thing.

On the simulation, Forcillo states: “I’ve just given him a warning not to come any further forward. I’m watching him take these deep breaths, and I’m watching his face get angry, his jaw clenched and his eyes go wide… This was when he made the decision to actually go forward. I yelled to him: ‘Don’t move!’ It’s my last-ditch desperation attempt.”

Source: Bizarre courtroom video has Forcillo playing himself — and Sammy Yatim: DiManno | Toronto Star