9/11 Memorial Walkway – St. Catharines

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9-11 memorial walkway

I recently saw a (new) directional sign for this location. I had no idea Canada had some sort of memorial.

Coincidentally, one can see a clear view of the entire Toronto skyline, from top to bottom, from this location across the lake. It’s around 33 miles away.

The Trail recognizes 27 Canadians who passed away at the World Trade Centre in 2001. The victims are memorialized by 27 deciduous trees planted along the trail. This accessible walkway has benches that enable those walking on the trail to enjoy the beautiful vistas on the shores of Lake Ontario. This trail is also linked to the Waterfront Trail, which stretches from Niagara to Trenton.

Source: 9/11 Memorial Walkway – St. Catharines

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4 thoughts on “9/11 Memorial Walkway – St. Catharines

  1. wanda

    Interesting choice… deciduous trees. Take a hike through a redwood forest and you notice fallen trunks and limbs all have new trees growing out of them. It is very symbolic. Spell-crafted… the word deciduous seems to be saying decide-you-owe-us.

  2. shemmings

    I have one burning question that came to me recently concerning what actually happened in NYC on 911. I am familiar with all work on this subject, but was astounded when I realized that no one every discusses eye witness testimony of what they saw as the WTC building collapsed in reality. Obviously, they did come down. If this is all CGI, then what did happen? What did people see? If all photo and video had been interfered with that day, and all subsequent available video and photo evidence rendered fake — then what did happen to the buildings? At minimum, there would be 1,000s of legitimate eye witnesses who would corroborate loosely a general accounting of events. I have yet to see anyone discuss what actually happened at WTC — only what did not happen. Where are the people who REALLY saw what REALLY happened in REAL time?

    What say ye, fakologists? Ab? Simon? Anybody?

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