2 thoughts on “Alcatraz Escape Hoax and 33

  1. Blue Moon

    I think Alcatraz was akin to Super Max today- A prison with a portion of the population who were just mythical creatures- Al Capone was the most famous construct in residence- Closing the place after a breech of security in the “escape” of those three characters was the way to guide the public’s reaction to the closure- The mythical bad guys the mind benders were concocting in the sixties were going to be new kinds of public enemies (ie, the anti-war dopers) and maximum security prisons just didn’t jibe with the times- The “Rock” was a depression/prohibition era relic and had to go-
    As for Frisco itself, it has always been the most Masonic of cities- 19th century SF novelist Frank Norris’ fictions were ladened with Masonic references- Several streets are named after Masonic US presidents- Jeepers, even the Walt Disney museum is here in the Presidio- Wowzers, I even take the 33 Muni bus line out of the Haight/Ashbury district every night- Krikey! I wonder if I’m a tool and don’t even know it….(Resting…)

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