1 thought on “Hanks will be Silly Sully

  1. Tom Dalpra

    The so-called Coast Guard video intrigued me. I’d never looked at it.

    In the ‘full’ footage here we see a static camera come alive at two minutes and zoom in then pan with the flow of the river.

    What really struck me was the shot at 8-52 min as two rescue boats arrive at the jet to join a third. It’s no doubt been mentioned, but
    there in the background, framed perfectly in shot, just on shore, is another passenger jet!

    Nice. Obviously it’s not unusual to see a couple of commercial jets in downtown New York? Some of us may remember 9/11 ?

    ( I have heard it claimed that the use ( originally on Twitter ) of the hashtag was popularised by this event in the Hudson.
    It may or may not have been, but certainly the ‘falling towers’ and double strike-across of the hashtag symbol could be said to fit the bill as yet another subliminal 9/11 reference # ? )


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