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This latest bit of 0;news” of Canada’s 2nd major league “” (1st was ) makes me believe that the whole Bernardo sordid affair was a . Serial killers are a 60s-70s invention to unleash terror onto the hapless public, especially when the perps are “boys next door”.

The idea that a serial killer in Canada would write a CIA inspired post cold war tome is silly and ludicrous. The idea that the CIA or CSIS would create this crime super villain manifesto-like book and attach it to a mythical super killer is far more likely.

In one day troll like comments appear on Amazon, focusing on “disgust” that Amazon would carry such a book. All this does is fuel interest, which of course is the CIA/CSIS intent.

You can sample the novel below – just a quick read promotes the official story of Bin Laden/ad-Qaeda etc etc.

A Mad World Order

One of Canada’s most infamous serial killers and rapists has published a 631 page e-book on Amazon, which includes violent, gory descriptions of death and terrorist plots.

Source: Serial killer Paul Bernardo releases e-book on Amazon

As a post script, isn’t it time we had an updated photo of our lame super villain? If they’re going to promote him, surely they can update him as they’ve done with super-killer Manson over the years? Canada always get’s watered down versions of Americana.

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1 thought on “Bernardo clue

  1. aralsea

    The whole story now that I look back on it was very “scripted”. Handsome couple become serial killers. And being in prison we cant really know what he is up to or where he really is. Of course it’s all speculation. How many of the 3 girls were really killed or even existed? And the mix of sex and gory death was just trauma based mind control. At the time I didn’t question it, I believed it all. Could Bernardo be a CSIS Agent or another Manson? I knew someone in the 90’s who was almost chosen for the jury, but was rejected. She said she saw him in the jury process so I do not doubt there is a person or actor named Paul Bernardo.

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