1 thought on “Lie SS viewing party #9

  1. Tom Dalpra

    At about 26 mins Bob and Jeran start talking about a couple of youtube videos.
    ‘first wireless bungee jump’ and ‘Man jumps out of plane with no parachute, lands on trampoline’.

    Bob appears to talk about these videos as if they feature real events when a mere cursory glance at both of them shows them to be fakes.

    What am I missing here ? Have I taken Bob the wrong way ? These people are having a laugh aren’t they?
    Anyone can see these two videos are fake, let alone a pilot at the cutting edge of alternative research haha! I must have misunderstood, or something…

    Listening again I hear a little bit of chuckling from Bob after he talks about it. It would be difficult to keep a straight face!

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