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Identical Psyops?

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I observe there have been more than normal stories on identical twins.

Identical twins, real or imaginary, are one of the oldest deception methods in the books.


Source: identical twins – Google Search

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Audiochat-Paris Shooting

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Who? Ab, Delcroix, Tom Dalpra

I start the show before knowing anything about the latest world wide psyOp hoax.

Del makes peanut butter, and we learn that it contains neither nuts nor butter.


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Name: ANorthern Soul

Comment: Great stuff going on here. I’ve been lurking here and over at CF for a few years now. Having bared my soul at CF, to the point where anyone who knew me could identify me , I was deemed unfit to be a member by one of Simon’s helpers.
The main reason I’m posting here now is , it is my opinion, that you need to stop allowing pissed Scottish bigots to dirty your Chat.
Seriously , it’s bad .

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Ab: people are given the bigoted ideas. Most people don’t realise their culture is created for them, including their ideas about Jews, Muslims, and other groups. Very few people can see through this deliberate fracturing of society, but I am making an effort to point it out.

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