Audiochat-Paris Shooting

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Who? Ab, Delcroix, Tom Dalpra

I start the show before knowing anything about the latest world wide hoax.

Del makes peanut butter, and we learn that it contains neither nuts nor butter.


Jeff c. and co. continue to promote this as a real event with real deaths orchestrated by the intelligence agencies, similar to their view on 9/11. No mention of media fakery.

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8 thoughts on “Audiochat-Paris Shooting

  1. John le Bon

    Very enjoyable listen. I haven’t paid much attention to this hoax; am a little bit over the ISIS world tour, especially when they double up on the one city, but it was still nice to listen to fakeologists discussing the latest HRD. Cheers.

  2. Black Dog

    Good show guys, worlds apart or not, I am feeling the universal truth and am so glad people get it! Even if it’s just a few..

    Yeah so how in the hell can anyone believe anything these false N.E.W.S. machines are producing! This is the real news (FAK), and Black Dog is going to fill you in on the rest! — Yer goin’ to bed and I’m wakin’ up!

    I dont plug me I phone in cause I aint gots one, yuk yuk yuk. I have to say (type) though – I’ve never really had the urge to talk on a phone, in a long while anyway, well since I was a teenager really. So I’m typing, otherwise, hearing you all … is … like, sort of, well, the best use of the phone, since the invention of the phone! Keep it up guys, thanks. What better use of a phone than to agitate the nuts of the world, on a world wide scale.

    FOOD: I am quite convinced our food and diets have been psyoped’ like everything else! I’ve tried every fakin’ diet ever and only after learning some basic simple truths do I feel I’m choosing the best I can … with what we can these days of ‘factory’ farming.

    READ: Good Calorie, Bad Calorie by Gary Taubes … There are three types of food: protein, fat, and carbohydrate. One of these is killing you, guess which one. Here’s a clue: Everything you’ve been told in the past one hundred or so years is a lie!

    We really do have to reevaluate everything! And it’s a media war. Those with FAKed up agendas versus good people, uncovering truth. Believing in goodness.. I could go on. It’s so infuriating – thanks guys, best health to you. Everyone.

  3. richard benedict

    As I listened to the auido chat last night live this appeared on my telescreen. Gearldo Rivera’s daughter spoke live on Fox news with
    her father.
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