Identical Psyops?

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I observe there have been more than normal stories on identical twins.

Identical twins, real or imaginary, are one of the oldest methods in the books.…

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  1. psyopticon

    There’s a BBC documentary called The Twins of the Twin Towers. Worth watching, maybe. But, alas, it has only been screened once in 2011; and the torrent download is stuck on 53%.

    Get the feeling the 911 hoaxers initially screwed up statistically, when creating the vicsims. Greatly under-estimating the number of twins there should have been among the ~3,000 victims who supposedly perished.

    Before the advent of ‘hyperovulation’ fertility drugs in the 1980s, the twin birth rate in the USA was 18.9 per 1,000 births. That should have meant ~57 twins among the 2,996 vicsims. Yet the original count of twin vicsims was just 22.

    So for the tenth anniversary in 2011, they corrected that aspect of the narrative. Rewriting some of the back-stories; turning many more victims into twins; in line with the national average for twin births.

    The Daily Mail then ran an article on all these newly-discovered 9/11 twins. Foreshadowing the BBC and its new documentary The Twins Of The Twin Towers, to tell the “previously untold story of the twins who lost their ‘other half’ on the day of the terrorist attacks.

    And once again, the 911 hoaxers were happy. Just like the emperor with his new clothes – delighted at fooling us some more. 🙂……

    (four minute trailer of the 75 minute documentary)……


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