Audiochat-Paris Attack Hoax with Unreal

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Who?Ab, Unreal, Farcevalue

We talk about the Paris Terror Hoax with our man on the ground, of Paris.


Colorful phalli:

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23 thoughts on “Audiochat-Paris Attack Hoax with Unreal

  1. John le Bon

    Thank you for the show. As fakeology becomes more popular (albeit slowly and steadily) there will be more opportunities for our very own ‘foreign correspondents’ on the scene to give us their insights. I feel fortunate to have been able to hear Unreal’s take on things, given his proximity to the ‘event’. Statistically it seems plausible that Brisbane might soon host the ISIS world tour…

  2. Black Dog

    WE CAN NOW PROPAGANDIZE YOU. EVERYONE STAY IN YOUR HOMES. WE CONTROL YOUR AIRWAVES. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. No f***ing doubt … the sad reality is we cant and nor should anyone trust the f***ing media! Once a liar always a liar, end of discussion, now on to bigger things, like waking all these dumb f***ing people up!

    BTW Was there a simultaneous coincidental “drill” going on at the time there?

    This is crucial, and the smoking gun! Their calling card. Folks, if any government/ military/ what ever the f*** they are is having a “drill”, in your face, during public events … insane, wake up, spread the word choir.

    FAKEOLOGY psychology. For what? To crack the proverbial whip on you dogs! Get in line bitches, we own you.

    AND YES – an all in one package, hiding behind the usual suspects … they dont have a name, they dont have an address ,,, too smart for that … but they got their sell-out stooges everywhere. All the religions, institutions, governments, corporations. It’s you against the world kid. Good luck keeping your sanity. Hey, but you’re not alone. We got the f***ing internet … for how ever long that lasts. Bastards! … You cant go home Dorthy. This isn’t some Hollywood bullshit happy ending fairytale … and that witch aint letting a little water stop her.

  3. UNreal


    the plumb line is/was used in the construction industry (different from architecture) not for measuring the level, but for measuring hight and perpendicular angles. for leveling, water (always flat) is used and laser tools more often today.

    in architectural planning, the scales are too big to use tools such as plumb lines for land surveys and urban studies. modern constructions like bridges for instance can span over distances as long as 17.2 km (10.7 mi) in Europe (Portugal), and even more elsewhere. these constructions are made with the water set as level +-0 in a straight line shore to shore.

    my point in the audiochat is a simple one: the world we are living in and are familiar with in day-to-day life is by all means flat. regardless of the concepts we can make on a scale that exceeds us, our reality is flat.

    when we entertain any other model, we are not based in reality, but in speculation and concepts. most of these concepts & theories are from antiquated fremason scientists (alchemist?) and more recently from entities like Nasa. the concepts and theories we’re fed are backed by CGI imagery, illustrations and dubious science, peer-reviews & maths (universe, black holes, white dwarfs, van allen belts, gravity, nuclear sun etc).

    we need not go to another planet or know when and where the sun sets to know what the shape of the earth is. independently of everything else, we can physically measure and establish the shape of the earth with great exactitude. this is not the case for either the moon, mars or the sun. to measure the earth, we just need to dispose of honesty together with decent (existing) equipment like planes, boats, weather-balloons and measurement equipment.

    the elite know the shape of the earth, they’ve had these tools for a long time. but it seems they lack the honesty to tell us. it even seems they prefer to lie at every occasion they’ve got. from the atom to the multiverse. the 1000mph spinning globe on a 66,000 mph orbit around the sun is a lie.

  4. xileffilex

    I’m seeing a few connections with France24 media channel
    The “witness” Charlotte Brehaut who produced an unbelieveable story of good luck and escape from the Petit Cambodge restaurant worked for France24

    among the victims.
    …. Mathieu Hoche, a technician who had worked for FRANCE 24 since the channel’s launch in 2006. He was 37 years old and the father of a young child. A lover of rock music, he was one of the 89 people who lost their lives at the Bataclan.…

    And then we have this extraordinary tweet from Tom Burges Watson
    [is it another coincidence that another “witness” was called Jennie Watson or Jenny Watson depending on source?]…

    Tom Burges Watson @Tburgeswatson [FRANCE 24 news anchor]
    Death toll from the #ParisAttacks attacks has now risen to 132 as 3 more people succumb to their injuries.
    11:01 AM – 15 Nov 2015 [7:01 PM UTC]
    Issy-les-Moulineaux, Ile-de-France

    Where’s he getting that information from?? As of 24 hours later, the death toll remains at 129

    Julia MacfarlaneVerified account @juliamacfarlane
    #Urgent: AFP have just issued a correction – say official death toll remains 129. Have given no reason #ParisAttacks
    11:43 AM – 15 Nov 2015
    [7:43 PM UTC]

    Oh dear, that seems like a slight glitch in the official narrative.

    Tom Burges Watson ?@Tburgeswatson
    BREAKING: the scene of this evening’s shooting incident in Paris. Casualties reported. #paris…
    1:00 PM – 13 Nov 2015 [9:00 PM UTC]
    Issy-les-Moulineaux, Ile-de-France…

    [which of course where his France24 co-worker Brehaut was allegedly dining]

    Here’s another France24 news anchor who slips up and says the event was staged…[at about 0.20]

    who can believe this garbage …. the shield which protected the SWAT team which entered the Bataclan….…

  5. psyopticon

    Pardon the pun, but funerals are dead easy to fake. Evoking such powerful emotions, they’re off-limits for fakery sleuthers.

    I studied one fake military funeral – one of just thousands over the years. It was a very grand affair, complete with horse-drawn hearse, military coffin bearers and military cortège. All pulled off with military precision. Including the interment of a coffin – containing god knows what – in the parish churchyard, with the long-standing village priest officiating. No one bar the hoaxers were any the wiser; possibly not even the priest was in on it. Why should they be?

    Without intimately knowing the “deceased” and their family, why even suspect them of fakery?

    In high profile funerals like these will be in Paris, the “families” will be given plenty of backing from officialdom. Government dignitaries, emergency services personnel, celebutards, and so on, all attending “out of respect”. Boosting the numbers and giving the meeja figures of importance and glamour to photograph.

    It doesn’t stop being an act, though. How you gonna prove fakery, Hare Brain? Gatecrash the funerals, and demand they tease the coffin lids open? How we gonna check those mourners’ tears are real?

    With lots of funerals to stage, it gets even easier. Many will be strictly private, for good reason. “The media are requested to respect the family’s privacy”. With public memorial services held only later. Private cremations are popular, too. Multiple funerals conducted in one go. Even joint funerals for unrelated victims aren’t unheard of; helping to “share the grief”, of course. Funerals held (allegedly) at the opposite end of the country or even overseas. Private funerals only announced after they were held. All manner of ruses.

    1. Hare Brain

      If most of the funerals are private, then I would think this is a fake event. To be crass and blunt, a funeral is somewhat of a popularity contest – you want lots of people there – it shows that the person mourned is a beloved individual. And you want to give the opportunity for people to say their last goodbyes.

      I would imagine faking a military funeral is quite easy, it’s basically a formula they can follow over and over. But faking a bunch of funerals for young death metal fans? That would require some effort and creativity.

      It’s not like a Sandy Hook funeral where there’s really not much to say about a 1st grader – you could just make stuff up and it would sound right.

      My point is this: their level of fakery has a limit. They only go so far, because there comes a point where the effort isn’t just worth it.

      My 2nd point: nobody investigates beyond looking at video from mainstream sources. We can’t even figure out basic stuff, like if Sandy Hook was actually an operating school in session that day.

      We need to sneak around like Veronica Mars or the Scooby-Doo gang. There are so many angles of investigation. The average joe can figure stuff out, I hope.

  6. xileffilex

    UnReal says the alley was sealed off. Funny how this fellow get access to the roof where the video was shot behind the theatre.

    Vu d’un toit d’un immeuble dans lequel je suis monté illégalement. Nous pouvons voir une sortie arrière du Bataclan

    And gets fake blood scenes on video

    Les images de mon père journaliste

    1. xileffilex

      Another lucky US survivor…
      It took agonizing hours of calling Parisian hospitals to get an update. Arnaud had been shot in the chest and had a pierced lung. No other vital organs were damaged, but the bullet passed dangerously close to his heart, so doctors induced a coma to prevent further damage.

      hoax standard, the induced coma to take “victims” out of circulation for a while.

      Arnaud Meersseman, , 34, was shot in the chest Friday while working at the Bataclan ,Arnaud [Meersseman] works for the company that organized the show

  7. Curious

    Loved this interview with Unreal. His take on the situation and the FE, especially as he is an architect.
    Steady but slowly hell is breaking loose.

  8. babette

    Try reading this, Unreal, and the ZIONIST angle will become clear for you.

    CLUES FORUM: The P.L.E.Z. – Proof (or not?) of an Ancient Conspiracy
    by simonshack » October 29th, 2015, 6:06 pm

  9. babette

    Excellent insights, Unreal, on immigration in Europe. You spoke intelligently and knowledgeably about this fresh hell further destroying Europe and, mercifully, Ab kept his limp-wristed delusions on the matter to himself.

  10. Hare Brain

    Unreal can investigate if this is real. There’s going to be over 100 funerals, can he check if any of these funerals are real?

    1. ab Post author

      How could you? You’d have to take the pulse of the corpse and ID it. How could anyone but the coroner do so?

      1. Clueseau

        Someone on the scene in Paris can at least confirm that (some of) the expected funerals actually occur.

        Let’s encourage this type of investigation, rather than discourage it. Who knows what it might uncover?

        1. ab Post author

          No average Joe could confirm any REAL funeral was taking place. There really is no way. Here’s a case where we must rely on our public officials. When they lie and let us down then really we are helpless. Sorry to seem grim but this is a reality. Go ahead and try but when you think things through the reality of the situation makes things difficult to verify anything.

          1. xileffilex

            I read recently [London Evening Standard] that the military use sand filled coffins when [one assumes real ] body parts are only found. [can’t find the link online]
            There’s a 1941 documented case here though:

            Also another hinted at here
            It was the usual sand filled coffin.

            He plowed almost vertically into the ground in front of the crowd
            Flight Lt.Kenneth Levitt aged 25 of 12 Hook Rise, Tolworth. Died April 21 1958 £3394 15s 4d. [ Meteor WL359 crash Worksop Battle of Britain airshow]

            I’d say it was a not uncommon practice in faked events.

          2. Hare Brain

            Most funerals are open to the public I believe, it’s not just a trivial thing you can fake, there’s the wake, the actual funeral, the burial, and then a reception/gathering/or even party afterwards. Lots of people would show up, heartfelt eulogies, crying, personal stories – they might stage a few funerals but not fifty.

            One thing someone could have done on the night of the shootings was go to one of the nearest local hospitals and go to the waiting room of the emergency room. After such an event, I would imagine it to be packed with friends and families talking about it.

            You could still go the hospitals involved and check it out. There should be lots of activity in the waiting rooms.


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