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Who? Ab, Tal

What? Paris, , being gay



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14 thoughts on “Audiochat-Ab, Tal

  1. Black Dog

    I’ve just listened to this and have not read the comments yet BUT would like to ask Tal to ask his Antarctica friend if the sun makes a continuous 360 degree path there. If so I dont know how the earth could be flater than what we are told. In other words it would reinforce the official story unless someone can explain the sun … .

    1. Tal Shiar

      I will definitely ask her! She is coming to stay with me in two weeks! So if you have any other questions, let me know! Thanks for the listen . . .

  2. John le Bon

    It has been a long time since my chat with Videre that day. How unexpected to hear somebody I have never spoken with still criticising me for it. What is not so unexpected is that the criticism came without any evidence that anything I said was factually wrong. I hope that in time Videre and her friends can forgive me for that ‘run-in’. We probably have a lot more in common than that call (and the attacks since) would indicate. Cheers.

    1. ab Post author

      To me, these tiffs are much ado about nothing. We all have more in common than we do with the outside world. Why do people focus on differences? Must be part of the human condition that our rulers exploit.

      1. Tal Shiar

        Interesting AB ! ! ! !

        What I think should be mentioned is that our differences need to be discussed because once we understand our differences we can move forward. We all have different views of the world (flat or round) and those differences are how many of us have ended up on your platform. If we were all the same than your site would be full of sheep.

        We should be asking questions, even of our peers, since we have made it to this level of understanding. Also, those differences can be classified as challenges.

        Did you not challenge my views on HIV/AIDS?

  3. xileffilex

    Tal – around 19 mins you say you don’t know anyone affected by it [the Boston trouser bomb] – can you clarify? You say you know “tons of people who are doctors, at “Brigham Young and over the city..” …. Well, ample doctors were interviewed in this drill, often acting rather shiftily. Do you know any of them personally, or people who know them? What did you say to them about what you yourself consider to be a fake event?
    “Nobody I know knows anybody personally that was personally affected…” But what about the medical staff?

    So, Tal, perhaps you can buttonhole this guy in charge of the Trauma Room at Brigham Women’s Hospital if you meet him in small town Boston where everybody knows everybody and ask him a few questions…Dr. Jonathan D Gates…
    It’s pure drill speak. Have a listen. “The first patient I saw had a traumatgic amputation of the lower extremity and a major injury to the other extremity , so that we know that this was a fairly powerful bomb”

    Listen to him….he was dealing with a drill. Check him greeting Michelle Obama at 7.20

    Here’s Brigham bombing victim and patient at Brigham, Heather Abbott meeting Michelle Obama.…

    ‘I felt like I was watching the footage on 9/11,’ said Abbott, [Dail;y Mail] and who works for the Raytheon Corporation.…

    “…satisfying to be part of that.” – Dr Gates.

    Incidentally, it’s nothing to do with Brigham Young but named after Peter Bent Brigham and his nephew Robert Breck Brigham Hospital…

    1. Tal Shiar

      Thanks for the listen! I was not planning on talking while I was driving through Los Angeles traffic. So I was sort of distracted while I was talking with AB. So I apologize if I had a bunch of half thoughts. You have to picture what I was driving in.

      “As for the knowing plenty of doctors in Boston, some of them that work at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.” What I meant to add what that a bunch of them are Doctors and NP, but they didn’t work with any patients. So I thought that was odd. Each of of my friends didn’t know anyone personally, but they knew of people who knew people. Which is why I question the event. Seriously though, thanks of listening!
      In regards to the Boston Bombing event, my way of thinking is that I question what the mass media tells us. I think they aren’t telling all the truth and I can see how they can control and make up the event. At the same time, no of us have the concrete evidence to support any conclusion. So I don’t know what I truly believe at the end of the day. Its not easy for me to say YES or NO about the events. What I do know is that there is plenty of things that I question.

      Thanks again for the feedback! 🙂

  4. babette

    Also: Global Agenda Chemtrail Report (March 19, 2015) Toronto, Ontario

    I thought Tal was a woman! Aha! moment. And PC dictatorship promptly introduced. Figures.

  5. babette

    There are chemtrails over Toronto – over Canada – on a regular basis. Check out Toronto Chemtrails YT or pick a city and do the same thing. People are filming chemtrails everywhere. Start with Chemtrails over Toronto on June 26th 2015.

    Ab lies. A lot.

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