Hanging preggo woman

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Simon doing what he does best analysing one of the more iconic scenes.

As the story goes, the hero who saved the dangling, pregnant woman has now been found : 0;Sébastien Besatti – a musician and journalist”. Whereas the pregnant woman (who, touchingly enough, had hidden her pregnancy to her – yet unnamed – boyfriend), is said to be named “Charlotte” – but wishes to remain anonymous …www.talkradio101.com/Pregnant-… … s/22183299

Source: View topic – Paris ‘Terror attacks’ – Friday November 13, 2015 • Cluesforum.info

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1 thought on “Hanging preggo woman

  1. farcevalue

    I have been browsing cell phone videos as an exercise (taking care to avoid anything associated with the MSM or that may have psyop value) in comparing whether most people who shoot cell phone videos are so careless about missing critical content at climactic moments or have a particular inability to shoot steadily, as is common to videos associated with these psyops.

    So far, most of what I have researched shows a propensity toward framing the relevant action and shooting fairly steadily, as one might imagine would be the case if the intention was to document and share.

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