5 thoughts on “Paris PSY-OP…It’s All About “FEAR” 

  1. annspinwall4

    This whole thing pisses me off so much I haven’t followed anything on MSM…most of what I know I’ve read or listened to on fakeologist. Wanda, I agree, those definitely look like cardboard cutouts!!! The guy on the left looks like his feet are in the air…like a silly looking Ken doll dressed in military gear.

    How much longer before people start waking the hell up and stop buying into this insanity.

  2. wanda

    Is iconic religious symbolism embedded in these Paris scenes? Sure looks like it.

    Oh… side note: Paris – Pair of IS – ISIS.

    Peekay is familiar with Samefeet (the author of this video)

  3. wanda

    I wish he would have counted to ten and taken a couple of deep breaths before making this video. I was confused right from the start… oh, so it isn’t ISIS… wow, i thought it was, hmm, now i feel bad telling people it was. No, it is the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service… well, WTF?!! The story of the why the woman is on the window and the other man who is hiding all over the place before going to the woman… and now she is pregnant never made any sense… not sure about the trained acrobats though… that makes even less sense.

    Maybe it is more logical if i follow Peekay’s work and have an awareness of what his detractors say… it is difficult to keep ones cool when constantly under fire… but i do agree that we get trapped up in the labels of hoax and false flag… one means people died, the other doesn’t… who gives these descriptors to us and why? There is no logical reason to believe anyone really died. That is not what they do… they want WWIII. What they do, what they have always done, is get us to kill each other. Besides that… murder is still against the law anywhere in the world. It is not against the law to lie on the news… for that reason alone, they would keep it clean… they would not murder anyone. They are all government spy-ops and they do not care about us… for all the reasons PeeKay stated and more.

    For my contribution… someone posted these pictures on FB yesterday saying they are mannequins, but i think they are cardboard cut-out movie poster people because the way the light reflects off of the ones in dark colors is rather more two dimensional in nature… real clothing would absorb the light. Another major red flag is a military dressed in UNI-forms that are not UNI-Form… that’s not military. These guys don’t get to pick their outfit for the day out of their wardrobe… they dress all the same… military issue.

    And i got one more interesting video to post… i’ll do that next…

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