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Drills Psyops Hoaxes #Parisattacks

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Fantastic work by Russian in compiling this video. I asked him who died in the WTC on 9/11 in a comment and also if they’re listed anywhere, as well as asking him to do a video on the vicsim report. http://septemberclues.info/vicsims.shtml

Chevalier légion d'honneur 2.pngI had no idea how masonic France is. Their leadership is a who’s who of SMOM, all in the Legion of Honor.

What an amazing confessional from Dr. Pierre Carli, member of the Legion of Honour.

As I’ve said before, the SMOM that run this world have no problem pulling off these HRDPARs as long as they tell you what they’re doing.



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He’s not fully blown

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Jesuit coadjutor Charlie Sheen has coincidentally (to my latest call with Tal) decided to help reboot the AIDS hoax, which as of late has all but disappeared from the media flying circus (as has Charlie).

HIV/AIDS is the perfect contradiction:you have it,  but you really don’t. Who can argue with such incredible doublespeak? Couple it with the sexually/drug marginalized of society and you have an endless supply of confusion and deception, and ultimately defrauding with big pharma and health care of the public.

Charlie Sheen is HIV+, but he doesn’t have AIDS: This is the difference
HIV positive status means a person has the Human Immunodeficiency Virus in his/her bloodstream but the person’s immunity has not been compromised enough to make him/her a full blown case.


When Matt Liar and Howard Stern are promoting the story, you know you’ve got a fully blown hoax on your hands.

“if there’s no evidence of a virus then we can’t go on living in this make believe world. “

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Faking the Zundel and Topham trials

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I concur that the Topham trial is as real as the Zundel trial, without even looking at it. Our intelligence agencies create fake opposition (to the state) to control the income and the outcome of memes. Yes there are and always will be anti Jew people, as long as there are people and religions. These fake trials are faked so as to control every message and every desired headline, injecting every possible permutation and combination of fear and loathing.

They can fake major celebutard trials like OJ,  so why not a minor hate speech trial?

As for the the continual obsession with Jews and hate, the Nutwork has adopted this forever persecuted group, using its more psychopathic members and impersonating them with their own. They then craft protection laws specifically for this group to make criticism or opposition to their deeds impossible or very unpleasant.

This creates a tremendous free wheeling vehicle that can be driven everywhere, running over anyone that gets in its way, without consequence.

It’s a perfect cloak and dagger operation that will continue until more people realize the levels of deception and manipulation of the people of earth.


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Audiochat-John le Bon

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johnlebon.com and I have a chat.

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