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  1. Black Dog

    Ahoy John le Bon (best regards) … You question everything but believe the vegetarian/vegan bull $#*!*!? Come on dude! — Yeah, some people look and feel fabulous going vegan … but only for a few months, maybe a year, then they start to look like Ghandi, been there done that/ I’ve got the experience … read the books \ many … in search of the diet to end all diets! — It ain’t vegan / maybe vegetarian – more so – somewhat; but that’s only because it’s getting so hard to find good animal products these days!

    The book that turned it around for me was Good Calorie, Bad Calorie by Gary Taubes. Over a year now … and I do not feel like I need to keep searching. The problem at this point is how messed up the corporate food available to us is and the “cost of living” pushing everyone to eat cheap garbage food.

    Just trying to save everyone time here – … only by luck did I run across the correct info out there! There is so much misinfo and disinfo on diet when It is really simple: the carbs are the problem! – Try being a vegan w/o the carbs!

    We are only a couple of hundred years or so away from our past diet, our natural diet we thrived on – hunter/gatherer. Man has ruined everything including his own diet. Especially now with everything corporate, … factory farming, and so on; But we are still geared for hunter/gatherer … like it or not.

    Our bodies fuel best on the thing government and corporations are advising us against, animal fat! Lard, tallow, fatty-fat … delicious animal fats, but beware what is being done to them: GMO and much more … read the book, and also read Wheat Belly by Davis?

    In conclusion – find good meat (good luck!) and the fattier the better! Pork is okay. Even dairy is better than carb feeding! -The full fat dairy, although we are less evolved to it (organic meat and dairy, as much as possible anyway, avoiding animals fed GMO and given hormones and antibiotics). And organic vegetables (as desired) – cook them in animal fat! Salads, whatever, and fry in a pan – don’t believe the lies. Don’t use vegetable oils though (they are bad!) (you see, everything is backwards) and eggs are good. Avoid grains! Especially wheat (organic or not!). Nuts and seeds are good, beans and soy not so great. Carbs are your sugars (and starches – which turn to sugars), fruit is sugar, minimize sugar! Eat whole fruit only – no juice or juicing! Juicing is unecessary and unnatural, and avoid alcohol! Hunters didn’t go much for martini breaks … .

    I think the human race will go extinct before it evolves to it’s current totally removed from nature modern diet. Although the rats and cockaroaches don’t seem to mind… .

    With all respect, admiration, and appreciation for you guys, and my thanks for your sharing here. Good to hear from some truly intellectual people, and just two of many here. Screw Youtube John/I mean it provides numbers, reaching more people but this is a much better place (as you already know); thanks to Ab. Here one can at least think (and contribute) unencumbered by an overwhelming contingent of opposition (real or not). Although it is ashame the internet seems to be replacing actual public gathering, of a sort, or the potential of the sort … but that’s a whole other topic!


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