Drills Psyops Hoaxes #Parisattacks

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Fantastic work by Russian in compiling this video. I asked him who died in the WTC on in a comment and also if they’re listed anywhere, as well as asking him to do a video on the . http://septemberclues.info/vicsims.shtml

Chevalier légion d'honneur 2.pngI had no idea how France is. Their leadership is a who’s who of SMOM, all in the Legion of Honor.

What an amazing confessional from Dr. Pierre Carli, member of the Legion of Honour.

As I’ve said before, the  that run this world have no problem pulling off these HRDPARs as long as they tell you what they’re doing.



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2 thoughts on “Drills Psyops Hoaxes #Parisattacks

  1. xileffilex

    The subtitles in English need writing…
    From 8.53 in the above video
    Pierre Carli:
    We prepared our teams by working with people who know how to do this. We don’t invent it all. Using military doctors who are [sic] in Afghanistan *, using the experience of our colleagues in other countries, Israel, Spain, England, where they’ve had this type of attack. So we prepared the medical technique and the organisation and we trained for this very seriously with a lot of involvement. Obviously you don’t know this. Obviously we don’t talk about it. But it was done.

    * see also Boston Marathon drill hoax

    So, the fingers of Israel and the UK all over this.


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