He’s not fully blown

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Jesuit coadjutor Charlie Sheen has coincidentally (to my latest call with Tal) decided to help reboot the , which as of late has all but disappeared from the media flying circus (as has Charlie).

HIV/ is the perfect contradiction:you have it,  but you really don’t. Who can argue with such incredible doublespeak? Couple it with the sexually/drug marginalized of society and you have an endless supply of confusion and , and ultimately defrauding with big pharma and health care of the public.

Charlie Sheen is HIV+, but he doesn’t have AIDS: This is the difference
HIV positive status means a person has the Human Immunodeficiency Virus in his/her bloodstream but the person’s immunity has not been compromised enough to make him/her a full blown case.


When Matt Liar and are promoting the story, you know you’ve got a fully blown hoax on your hands.

0;if there’s no evidence of a virus then we can’t go on living in this make believe world. “

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1 thought on “He’s not fully blown

  1. Curious

    AIDS is a hoax.
    This so called HIV-virus don’t exist, as a so-called immume don’t exist . The äids-test is a con. It is a anti-anti body test, which is worthless, because that virus don’t exist. Both Montaignier and Gallo have admitted they never saw a complete virus!!
    Most people in Africa don’t even get a so-called Aids-test. When they have severe diarrhoea and an other symptom they get the ticket “aids”.
    However the symptoms do exist and as the absolute genius Dr. med Ryke Geerd Hamer found out, there is a smegma-conflict behind it.
    Books: Dr. med.Mag.theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer: Aids, die Krankheit die es gar nicht gibt.
    Karl Krafeld und Stefan Lanka: Aids ist das Verbrechen. ( Aids is a swindle.
    Websites: www.whale.to/



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