2 thoughts on “NLP Eye movement chart

  1. Zalian

    Read abut NLP years ago (i was in advertisement) in the major NLP books of the time (the brandler and grinder stuff), and read alot about it by people that tried to dig into it.

    It is very contested if it even works as advertised, most people say it works only if you belive it to work.

    The eye access cues are also sometimes wired in other ways in some people, so not exactly bulletproof.

    NLP that “works” is not any one technique that works on its own, its more like a vibe you give off when you use several at once, and even that is very contested if it even works at all.

    And if you know what to look for you can spot these conversational strategies (thats really all it is)
    a mile off.

    Personally i never got more than the “seemed to work, but not sure” feeling from NLP,
    so i put most of it (there are some things that probably work “weasel words” etc) in the flim flam category.

    That being said, the way i see it, NLP probably served as the baseline for “politician speak” and got refined alot over the years in the various ivy league schools, but that is just my speculation.


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