Johnny doesn’t like you

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Past guest Johnny doesn’t like Eric Jon Phelps, , , or too many others involved in the 0;truth community.”


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1 thought on “Johnny doesn’t like you

  1. derealium

    No replies for Johnny?

    I liked Johnny after limited listening and even suggested that Ab interview him, which did happen, doubtfully because of my suggestion. 😉

    But I’ve listened to several of his recent efforts, and he spends most of the show talking about random “alternative Christian” pastors, I guess that’s what you would call them, and how they didn’t support his book or efforts in this way or that, and how they are papal scum. I don’t know them so I don’t know what he’s attalking about, so it’s not interesting.

    He’s used his show to attack various personalities instead of sticking to solidifying his case against the group he claims has most/all of the control. Ranting that Eric Jon Phelps is a Jesuit priest, while doing his best impersonation of EJP calling everyone papal scum and presenting no tangible or logical content.

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