FCC-John Adams

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John and I catch up on a month of fakeology, including #ParisAttacks and the demise of Dave McGowan.


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2 thoughts on “FCC-John Adams

  1. Black Dog

    The Iranian hostage event circa 1980 was introduced to me with the simultaneous, (dubious) debut of the Nightline TV news show with Ted Kopel. One of my first memories of such big going-ons in the world – every night would be another day added to the event “Day 2” … day 3 and so on … it was captivating, you wanted to catch the next episode while it simultaneously instilled fear and appreciation for your safety, being so removed from it all, voyeuristic in a sense/get your popcorn. … Of course this is the news theater style to this day … fear inc. Inducing appreciation for our protection by … ‘big brother’ … for all the unquestioning people under it’s spell … as many of us seem to have been at one time or another. I’d like to hear from some people who from birth were privy to all this, having intelligent parents teaching them … /… or parents in the ‘intelligence’ community maybe … you’d think they’d let their children know the games?? Such corrupted people though … probably not.

  2. Curious

    Genius Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer discovered by sheer coincidence “cancer” is a natural healingsprocess. Most people who die on cancer, die by the treatment they get, especially chemo and kaxechie ( psychical exhaustion).
    For more information go to: germannewmedicine.ca/documents…
    At the top you will notice: Paradigm. Click on Paradigm -> Five Biological Laws. An real eyeopener.

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