How to prank Paris

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… With hardly anyone besides a few intelligence operatives knowing…

Heiwa wrote:
It is very easy to arrange a (fake) terrorist attack to frighten people any evening anywhere. A recent example: You start outside a football stadium with 80 000 people inside and a few hundred outside. The people outside can watch the game at some TV sets provided. They do not really notice that three areas outside the stadium are already fenced off in the dark and there you blow off some small bombs. People inside the football stadium are told that war has broken out outside, Paris is under attack, the game is stopped and that the police are on their way. The police arrive and are very happy to see that the three areas of the crime are already fenced off. They sweep up what they think are the remains of three kamikaze bombers having exploded themselves, etc, etc, and find a passport. Plenty people report having seen the kamikazes.….

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4 thoughts on “How to prank Paris

  1. Tom Dalpra

    ”I don’t even want to know how they faked that!”

    Quite easily, I should think!

    Part of Spivey’s job seems to be a requirement to be vulgar.
    When you know it’s ‘ rubber’ though, it’s not scary.

    1. psyopticon

      When you know it’s ‘ rubber’ though, it’s not scary.

      You mean the evil-doer was nowt but a dog’s squeaky toy? Why didn’t someone say sooner?
      I do love the way his teeth just hang there, stuck to his lip.

      You could be right about Spiv and his vulgarity. All just an act; a load of old fanny, to beat him with his own stick. In reality, a daily struggle for him; shedding an Oxbridge accent to become the Southend tattooist.

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