RIP David McGowan

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David offered some interesting stuff that I enjoyed listening to.

He died on 11/ @12:47. These should make one wonder about the whole story. Was Dave psy-hacked (great word) or given to us?


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4 thoughts on “RIP David McGowan

  1. Black Dog

    I concur w/Bluemoon the most here (below) … one of the first conspiracies I’ve ever considered was the Inside the LC online article (series) of his – which years later just makes me think twice, three times.. about what the heck I’m listening to! As well as my loved ones/and now being pumped in many public places like grocery stores, over and over again, years on end! Sure he may have embellished somewhat, although heck if I know, but overall what’s more important? People need to know these things! And if you can make a cartoon out of it to reveal any of these type things, more power to you.

    Here is his home page linking many if not all of his online articles:…

    But wow, if it’s true about his junk food lifestyle/habits, ah yeah.. #1 conspiracy is what they’re feeding us — literally!

  2. derealium

    I knew I had heard a Dave McGowan interview this year. I initially thought it was from “pulling into my driveway”, but searched google and didn’t see that one.

    The latest one I found from google was a familiar name:
    Sofia Smallstorm Interviews Dave McGowan – YouTube

    Then I checked the original link in dyslexic order and found that my initial intuition was true. I remembered being a bit spooked/turned off. But I shall listen again.

    Most importantly, RIP Dave.

  3. Blue Moon

    I think he got a lot of people looking in the right direction and should be remembered for that, but he implied far more than he concluded- He may have been misdirection but he may have just bit off more than he could chew and fell back on literary tropes rather than admit he could only guess- Either way, good researchers have built on his LC investigation as well as taken looking for personal connections in every suspicious story as mandatory- Miles Mathis has improved on McGowan’s methods and I’m still willing to read his stuff- Truthfully, I think Dave pulled his punches in WSITC- The original postings on his “CIA” site were more pungent-

  4. richard benedict

    “It now looks like all of San Pedro and most of Torrance and Laurel Canyon were intelligence communities. ”
    quoted in The Tate Murders were a False flag pp. 25-26 by Miles Mathis

    @odinrok….”a month after he published his book he gets this fast acting cancer.” Wrong. The book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon (WISC) was published around March 2014. David McGowan was diagnosed with cancer around June of 2015, well over a year after it was published. By his own admission, Mr. McGowan was a heavy smoker for 40+ years and would drink a least a 6 pack of Pepsi a day while eschewing doctors. In his YT interviews from 2014, he does not look to be in good health, especially if you watch his interview with John Wells in 2015.

    I had read his book Programmed to Kill when it first came out as I was tipped off to the subject of programmed serial assassins by John Judge. Unfortunately when I checked Mr. McGowan’s sources , I learned that McGowan is not above omitting facts or distorting events to weave a tale for his audience. I posted a one star review at Amazon where I show how he misrepresented the facts of the Bundy case, He did the same with the Bobby Joe Long case in Florida.…

    I have studied McGowan’s work thoroughly and the faults are there for the discerning eye. I won’t catalog them here now. Suffice to say that his penchant for speculative reasoning and conjecture obfuscated whatever merit the original inquiry may have had.

    Example: On p. 35 of his book WSIC, he disputes that Mama Cass Elliot died of heart failure as the official autopsy verdict concluded. No, McGowan writes, she likely died of “knowing where too many of the bodies were buried”. Dave McGowan slanders Mama Cass and accuses the London authorities of covering up a murder, the murder of someone who knew about murders or was complicit in murders while offering no proof whatsoever. ( Not unlike Miles Mathis in his Ted Bundy essay

    I encourage people to study the chapter on Gram Parsons in WSIC to see how McGowan’s penchant for insinuation and conjecture becomes writing for infotainment rather than truth seeking. Perhaps I am mistaken and researchers should err on the side of speculation when the facts are not there to support their hobby horse. After all, Miles Mathis has written that Torrance, California was crawling with CIA rats in the 1950s and ’60s. Torrance, California, home of Dave McGowan and the Center for an Informed America


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