Bezos is NASA 2.0

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Forget , looks like Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Blue Origin has designed a better penis to showcase HD space .

Occult , rapid scene cuts,  all the usual elements of space fakery we’ve come to know from NASA.

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7 thoughts on “Bezos is NASA 2.0

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Mixed with obviously simulated footage as it is, it blurs the lines somewhat.

      The take-off and landing I’m assuming are being presented as real footage?
      Looks a bit like the launches the Chinese have been putting out.
      This is still one of my favourites. Complete with spinning globes and waving astronauts.
      The countdown in Chinese sounds funny to me in view of the whole charade.

    2. Henkus

      ‘Why does that rocket look like a giant circumcised penis?’

      Yeah the only thing i missed was a giant ‘Vesica piscis’ it would fly trough. (like an obelisk)
      It could have been done with some cgi in the clouds i guess…

      Oh my i can now see what thunderbirds really was.
      Head spins….need more info.

  1. Tom Dalpra

    Hi Rick,

    Those puppets are from the later Thunderbirds, actually. Same people involved, of course.…

    I’m amazed by this Bezos rocket. It looks so fake to me I really can’t believe they can get away with it….ha!.. I’ve thought that before.
    But surely most half-savvy people will think it looks dodgy ? Well-done maybe, but not real ?

    Maybe not…maybe it’s just got to the point where a confidence trick has worked for so long that the majority of people are just totally hooked? They’ll buy anything they’re dealt so long as the dealer keeps a straight face ? They’re too far in to turn back. Hey, it’s Amazon after all ? What can’t be trustworthy about him?

    We see these ‘trusted’ business figures used to front certain agendas.
    I’m thinking condom punting Brit entrepreneur Richard Branson with his whiter-than-white Virgin image pioneering Space tourism.

    On Bezos rocket, maybe they’ll have a dramatic accident at some point like Branson did. Drag out the impossible.

    1. rickpotvin

      Hi Tom, Ab and fellow fakeologists– Tom I think those cartoon characters are from Fireball, aren’t they? Here’s the theme song for that show that I was a fan of. I think we can think of it as Jeff Bezo’s themesong for his rocketship.…

      minor points of order
      -my flat earth antarctica mission is sill proceeding slowly
      -this blog by ab still takes too long to load because of too many gadgets and too many posts on one page
      -the Paris concert attack was a hoax but I haven’t seen anything here on it– did ab cover it?

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