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Tracking planes and the Cape as a set

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Before fakeology, I always wondered why satellites weren’t being used to track planes in the air. Now I am sure the reason is because satellites do not exist.

So what is this latest agreement about? Perhaps more western money to create digital ground based systems around the lesser travelled parts of the world. They must be expensive, especially since they woild have to be in inaccessible areas around the world or even floating in the vast oceans.

Figuring out how satellites are simulated is yet another puzzle that’s hard to figure out with the clues the media gives us.

A deal has been struck on using satellites to track planes, motivated by the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 last year, BBC News reports.

Mark discusses the satellite fraud around the 50 min mark in this audio.

Speaking of simulations, at the 12 min mark they discuss how Cape Canaveral is really just a giant movie set. The neighbouring town Titusville doesn’t do that well, indicating that few people other than tour guides worked the set. I don’t believe they use the Cape now that NASA is out of the launch business, but maybe it was never busy even back in the shuttle days.

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TTC streetcar shooting hoax – the trial

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We’re having what I think is a simulated trial into a police shooting from a couple of years back. This well known police reporter is doing her best to pretend she’s not in on it – by reporting bizarre simulation events in this simulated trial. It’s a confusing use of language to obscure the fact that the whole event IS a simulation, including the vicsim. The police officer is an actor (even if he really was a cop at any point).

Deception is complicated, and for most people, not worth the contemplation time.

The Death of Sammy Yatim: A Reenactment.The role of Yatim will be played today by Const. James Forcillo.You read that correctly. The officer charged with second-degree murder in the teenager’s shooting death aboard a Toronto streetcar in 2013 — a fusillade of nine bullets discharged, eight of them striking the knife-wielding 18-year-old — both impersonated the victim (suspect) and provided narration for the lethal encounter from his own perspective as triggerman.

In more than three decades of covering courts, I’ve never seen such a thing.

On the simulation, Forcillo states: “I’ve just given him a warning not to come any further forward. I’m watching him take these deep breaths, and I’m watching his face get angry, his jaw clenched and his eyes go wide… This was when he made the decision to actually go forward. I yelled to him: ‘Don’t move!’ It’s my last-ditch desperation attempt.”

Source: Bizarre courtroom video has Forcillo playing himself — and Sammy Yatim: DiManno | Toronto Star