Audiochat-Being Muslim in America after #ParisAttacks #HRDPAR

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KHam gives us a very personal call, describing the difficulties a Muslim in America can have in trying to deflect all the hate programmed into non-Muslims by the Paris Hoax.

This is a real result of a fake event. The real hatred created by the divide and conquer elites that run our intelligence agencies is sickering and can really hurt people. The simulation is to create real problems. I hear people joking about Muslims wearing suicide vests all the time, and am really saddened that it takes a full talk in fakeology to de-program them. What else can I offer to these negatively programmed people?

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Black Dog
Black Dog(@black-dog)
6 years ago

Feeling your pain KHam/the BIGgest obstacle is our dumbed down masses!(and our enemies greatest asset) AND yes they’re our closest people.. You’ got to wait ’till your’ really feeling something.. before you breach their delusional disorders/ And facts help – We need definite facts: like this same media(/mainstream) that these people are trusting gave us this that and the other. A red flag that comes to mind is the BBC announcing bldg 7’s drop.. before it dropped! … This subject KHam is the biggest obstacle, the biggest problem … This is at the heart of what we are all about… Read more »